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Benefits and Side Effects of Makeup


There’s no doubt that makeup is a girl’s best friend. Using makeup daily is just one of the habits we have become accustomed to. While there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your appearance with makeup, with daily makeup use it’s important to consider your skin’s 218197446 abd1619236 300x200 Benefits and Side Effects of Makeupcondition. Eye makeup, foundation and lip makeup can beautify your face especially if you’re skin is looking a bit lackluster. Earlier we have discussed How to Remove Makeup easily, keep your skin healthy and avoid irritating it with prolonged makeup use.

Benefits of Makeup Use

Let’s start off with the good stuff! High quality makeup is essential in preventing skin condition or allergies- you want to know the ingredients of your makeup especially if you have allergies. The quality of makeup which you choose to apply onto your skin will make a huge impact on your skin’s condition. Off-branded or counterfeit makeup should be avoided at all costs despite the cheap price tag. With plenty of Online Makeup stores in Pakistan it’s easy to find an original makeup delivered to your doorstep. Original makeup products will offer long-wearing results as well as better quality in the application of your makeup.

If you wear makeup chances are you’ll have it on for 6+ hours. When it comes to foundations, those containing beneficial ingredients such as SPF can provide sun protection and aid in preventing premature wrinkles. Foundations generally contain SPF 15 or 18, which is safe if you aren’t planning on prolonged sun exposure.

4776904697 8523e28a04 o 300x300 Benefits and Side Effects of MakeupMakeup is generally comprised of a variety of unnatural ingredients and chemical which can distress the skin. One of the safest makeup products you can use on your skin is mineral makeup. If your skin is prone to breakouts and irritation, mineral makeup can treat skin inflammation with the benefits of titanium dioxide. Mineral makeup contains little to no chemicals which can affect the skin. The loose powders are derived of natural ingredients such as mica powder and iron oxides.

Side Effects of Makeup

Not all makeup products have the same side effects. As mentioned above, avoid counterfeit makeup at all costs. Majority of name branded cosmetics have introduced long-wearing products, this doesn’t mean that you should wear foundation for 18 hours as the product claims. Prolong makeup wear can damage your skin and decrease elasticity.

It’s important to remove your makeup thoroughly before you go to sleep. Overnight the skin becomes absorbent of any makeup product and not to mention oil and dirt buildup throughout the day. Leaving makeup on your skin for more than 12 hours can cause acne, breakouts and irritation since the dirt and oil clogs pores. Daily makeup users should stick to a strict makeup removal routine to cleanse and nourish the skin. Removing your makeup can lead to healthier more youthful skin

2045916845 0d3c35bd8c z 300x200 Benefits and Side Effects of MakeupUsing products such as liquid liners and mascara which past their expiry date is another no-no. Makeup once exposed to the air should be thrown out after 2 years. Out of date cream and liquid products such as lipsticks, glosses and eyeliners are a breeding ground for bacteria and should be thrown out after 6-8 months. Serious skin conditions including irritation, infection and allergic rashes can all be caused by expired makeup. Eye makeup should be disposed of after 3-4 months. Since eyeliners and mascaras are directly applied onto the skin and redipped into the tube, the tube can breed bacteria and cause eye infections.

Keep your skin youthful and healthy with natural beauty regimens instead of slathering your face with makeup every day. It’s good to let your skin breathe every once in a while. 

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