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Education is something that helps a child to socialize, be a good human being and outshine in life. Hence, all parents want their children to get the best Early Childhood Education so that they can excel and thrive not only in their higher education but throughout life. If you are a new parent and searching for the best pre-school for your child, then here is a list of some best Montessori/Pre-Schools in Lahore that you can consider sending your child to for a brighter future.

Lahore Grammar School Junior

lgs logo Best Montessori/Pre Schools in Lahore

LGS Junior prides itself in providing a nurturing environment where questioning minds are appreciated and creative thinking flourishes. LGS believes in responsibility that comes with freedom and respect that celebrates diversity.  LGS is confident that compassion for others and concern for the environment gives our students a greater sense of their place in the world.


Les Anges Montessori Academy

les anges Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreLes Anges aspires to develop self directed, enquiring lifelong learners by embedding education and technology in a flexible, personalized learning environment to meet the requirements of the changing global community. It is one of the best Montessori schools in Lahore.

  • Location: 51-FCC, Zahoor Elahi Road, Gulberg IV.
  • Phone: (042) 35777884
  • Email:


The Lahore Lyceum Junior

LYCEUM Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreThe Lahore lyceum’s aim is to bring out the best in a child mentally, intellectually, academically, physically and culturally by developing the attitudes, abilities and skills in the students required to meet the Global Challenges.  As indicated in the school logo “Knowledge for strength and probity”, the major aim and objectives are directed towards significant contribution and participation in the development of nation building.

  • Location: 33- Aziz Avenue, Canal Bank, Gulberg V.
  • Phone: (042) 35717914-16
  • Email:
  • Website:


Beaconhouse Junior

beacon Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreBeaconhouse Junior is a purpose built campus to provide safe and healthy learning environment where students are working with a wide range of age appropriate resources.
They collaboratively solve problems with the support of qualified adults, celebrate individual achievements and value cultural diversity. Parent’s volunteers are involved in school activities in and out of class. School administrative creates opportunities to develop leadership qualities in students and teachers. It empowers teachers by providing them need based training and required classroom setting and the necessary infrastructure.

  • Location: 395-396 F – Block Main boulevard Johar Town.
  • Phone: (042) 35171261
  • Email:
  • Website:


American Lycetuff

american Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreAmerican Lycetuff has made its name in a very few time due to its commitment to offer high-quality education to masses. The school is known to have highly trained staff, has maximum facilities to support students in learning, there are constant monitoring and evaluation of student’s progress, and the best thing is parent’s involvement in their child’s learning process. It offers preschool schooling, junior and senior schools for both girls and boys. One can get admission at primary level, middle level or in SSC or GCE as they find appropriate.

The focus of school is to make the student learn via techniques like project based working, role play, group and individual assignments.


Roots Thematic Montessori

rots Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreA child enrolled into Roots Montessori Section is helped to grow according to his natural design. Each child is made to feel wanted and loved in the environment irrespective of his ability level.  The programme is based on the need of a child and promotion into different groups is based on his general progress and mental growth keeping in view his age level. As soon as the achieves a certain level, he is moved into an advanced group during a year. The teachers at Roots at committed to the belief that each child has to raise the level of achievement and help him/her feel the thrill of success and find his own worth and dignity.


Kinder Campus Montessori

KCM Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreKCM is a new pre school focusing on knowledge, responsibility and leadership. KCM believes in learning with fun. Their state of the art facilities include aesthetically decorated and well equipped classes, baby chef, activity room, multimedia lab, art room, library and music classes- all for the kids.

  • Location: 5/79, Usman Block, New Garden Town (Next to Mughal-e-Azam Fort).
  • Phone: (042) 35865541-2
  • Email:
  • Website



logo1 Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreLACAS’ belief is to instill a sense of responsibility in the students. It has a very strong social work programme. From very young Preschool students to A Level students LACAS strives to infuse in each child the importance of questioning and enquiry. It is known as one of the finest schools in town and when it comes to pre-schooling, LACAS really deserves admiration.


Lahore Garrison Education System

logo Best Montessori/Pre Schools in LahoreLGES has a wide network of Schools and Colleges, providing education from Montessori to Masters’ level, providing dynamic and creative education at all levels. Its aim is to provide quality education at affordable cost, keeping in view a congenial environment in the campuses with special emphasis on character building and personality development.

  • Location: 9 link, Tufail Road, Lahore Cantonment.
  • Phone: (042) 39220436, (042) 36673108
  • Website:


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