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Bio Oil: Myth or Miracle Scar Solution?

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Marketed as your solution to stretch marks, acne scarring and dark spots- Bio Oil has quickly claimed to be a miracle oil for your beauty problems. As seen in commercials, this unique product is aimed towards women suffering from post-pregnancy stretch marks. So what’s all the hype you might wonder?

Bio-Oil Formula

Bio Oil 2 Bio Oil: Myth or Miracle Scar Solution?Created with a mixture of plant extracts and vitamins, it contains an innovative oil called PurCellin Oil which gives the product a light, non-greasy texture. As a dry oil, don’t expect this to hang around your skin like most oils do so.

Once the product is massaged into your skin, it quickly gets absorbed by the skin. With beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin A and E it also includes quite a few essential oils for fragrance with Lavendar, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile. Sensitive skin should keep this in mind with any of strong fragrance oils.

Scar Healing

Bio Oil 3 Bio Oil: Myth or Miracle Scar Solution?If you’ve heard of Bio Oil, chances are you were looking to treat your scars or stretch marks. Widely popularized to reduce the appearance of scars, Bio Oil is known to lighten scars and reduce inflammation even on older scars.

As a safe stretch mark product, it will help prevent stretch marks from sticking around post pregnancy. It will reduce the size and lighten the color of the stretch mark.

How To Use

Bio Oil 4 Bio Oil: Myth or Miracle Scar Solution?With a light floral fragrance, it adds an aromatherapy aspect to the product best used at night for a calming effect. If fragrances tend to bother you, this might not be the best solution for you. For scar healing, it should be noted that with proper use it will take some months to reduce the appearance of scars.

Apply it 2-3 times a day by gently massaging it into the area, preferably after a warm shower since your skin can penetrate the most moisture. Massage the product into your skin in circular motions until its completely sunk into your skin. To add a boost of hydration to your moisturizer, add just a drop or two to easily fix dry patches.

Is it a Miracle Oil?

Bio Oil skin Bio Oil: Myth or Miracle Scar Solution?Since Bio Oil has been around the European and American market, Pakistanis would be quite hesitant to use an oil on their face or scars. With any product, using it overtime will give you the best results.

Don’t expect your scars to fade overnight with this product. It will take at least a month or 2 to see visible results. Overall this will stimulate and reduce any scars on your body and to prevent stretch marks.

Bio-Oil can be purchased online at, 2,800 RS for 125ml and 1,900 RS for 60ml. Since it is an imported product its not easily available in the market. 

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