Bollywood’s Best Of 2012

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Here is a list of Bollywood’s best of 2012. But before you further indulge yourselves into reading this piece, keep in mind that it’s not a rating. We just listed the movies we loved from 2012 without any order. Have a look, and share your thoughts if you think we miss out any awesome movie from 2012. Enjoy reading!

Ek Tha Tiger

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Okay, so let’s begin with our ever favorite Khan of action, Salman Khan. This movie gained a lot of fame because of the controversies it encountered right after it hit the cinemas globally. The reason was of course the citation of organizations like RAW and ISI. The movie was banned in Pakistan, but anyhow, it was something to be praised about. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif did the lead role. If this movie is still in your “movie-to-watch” list, you should watch it right away!


barfi Bollywoods Best Of 2012

If you have the patience to watch a slow pace movie without getting bored then Barfi will entertain you more than anything. If we had to choose only one favorite from the year 2012, our choice would be Barfi. Its because of the incredible acting and genius mind behind the story, this movie is one of the best among Bollywood’s best of 2012. The only flaw that some critics pointed out was that the movie was a bit dragging. But overall, it fills with emotions, love and laughter. Ranbeer Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra is in the lead.


ta Bollywoods Best Of 2012

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of those actors who always look for genius movies, and every flick of his turns out as a masterpiece, and just like that we have Aamir Khan in Bollywood. Talaash, without any uncertainty, is a masterpiece. Karina Kapoor and Aamir Khan, along with Rani Mukharjee played powerful roles doing justice through their performance. The movie is about a police officer who confronts some psychological illness, but also works hard to investigate on one of the cases he’s assigned to, which changes his life. It’s definitely among Bollywood’s best of 2012.

Rowdy Rathore

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Not a single year passes without any hit flick from Akshay Kumar. This 2012, he made his way to the top by presenting his charming performance in the movie Rowdy Rathore.  Sonakshi Sinha is Akshay Kumar’s girl this time. This is an action filled movie, but some of you may not like it as it does not have distinct plot or alluring storyline. But financially, this movie did good business in the Bollywood box office.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

 Bollywoods Best Of 2012

It’s been a little long than usual since we saw anything from Shahrukh Khan. A little stop came in his career, but he is back again with a bang. With Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, the movie looked really good when it first made its ways to the film industry. Plus, the death of Yush Chopra made it popular even before release since everyone wanted to see it. The fact that this was his last movie, Jub Tak Hai Jaan got a lot of likes by the public of India. Its now your turn to see Yush’s last brilliant work.

Son Of Sardar

son of sardar Bollywoods Best Of 2012

Let’s keep this short. Son of Sardar was a long waited movie, and the followers are even competing it with Yush Chopra’s Jub Tak Hai Jaan. But unfortunately, it did not turn out as much appealing and eye-catching as it promised to be.

Other movies that are worth-watching from 2012 are Kahaani, Ishaqzaaday, Housefull 2 and Cocktail. We leave you here with your judgments. Let’s see which movie wins the race as your favorite.


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