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Boost Your Metabolism With Early Breakfast!


Pakistan is known for its delectable cuisines, which vary from one area to another and make this country home to a rich platter of flavors. However, when the diets of our common citizens are analyzed, nutritionists and dietitians are often taken aback by certain horrifying realities.

pakora Boost Your Metabolism With Early Breakfast!Admittedly, our foods rely heavily on fried and spicy items, which often leave our digestive system in poor shape. Digestive issues, ranging from peptic ulcers, bowel diseases, piles, indigestion, acidity, gastric reflux, gall bladder stones and constipation, are definitely on the rise. Hence, it is not surprising to see long waiting lines outside any gastroenterologist clinic in our country.

Learning About Metabolism

Our metabolisms are composed of an intricate pattern of hormones and enzymes that convert food molecules into energy. The metabolic rate determines how the energy we gain from nutrition should be utilized effectively. Studies have shown that men’s metabolisms typically function better than women’s.metabolism Boost Your Metabolism With Early Breakfast!

Efficient metabolism is an essential part of our health and individuals need to be wary about the consequences of not having a good metabolic rate. Gaining knowledge about metabolism, its functioning and how it can be improved is something that every person must do.

Why Breakfast is Important For Better Metabolic Rate

metablosim Boost Your Metabolism With Early Breakfast!Even with the strong emphasis laid on the importance of breakfast by nutrition experts, people in our country tend to miss out on this essential meal of the day. Skipping breakfast would mean that they consumed their last proper meal before the average 8-hour night sleep. As a result of this gap, their metabolic rate slows down significantly and the drop in blood sugar leads to lower energy levels.

Many people, especially young girls, make the mistake of skipping breakfast with the misconception that it can help them reduce weight. Contrary to that belief, however, missing breakfast results in increased food cravings and may lead to overeating during other mealtimes. american breakfast Boost Your Metabolism With Early Breakfast!

Those of us who do eat breakfast like to have our plates filled with rich foods like parathas, omelettes, pancakes and halwa puri. While there is no harm in treating those taste buds from time to time, whenever you chow down a heavy breakfast, make sure your lunch for the day is very light. By doing so, you can strike a good balance between the anabolic and catabolic cycles of your metabolism.

Better Metabolism With Early Breakfast

Let’s look at it this way. Just like your car needs fuel to start daily, breakfast is the early
morning fuel
that will keep your metabolism running without needing a mechanic, which in this case would be a gastroenterologist.

“Our bodies need a boost of energy right after we wake up and eating breakfast is the perfect way to gain momentum for the day ahead.”

caffiene Boost Your Metabolism With Early Breakfast!Apart from essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, caffeine also helps in boosting metabolism. What you need to be careful about, however, is that caffeinated beverages should complement the breakfast and not replace it entirely. Moreover, they should not be consumed more than the recommended daily amount.

Health experts also promote the idea of incorporating early morning exercise as part of one’s routine. exercise2 Boost Your Metabolism With Early Breakfast! Exercising during the early hours of the day helps cleanse the body of the toxin accumulation in our bodies during the night. Additionally, workouts increase blood circulation, stretch tired muscles, speed up metabolism and increases our body’s capability to function. All these processes are closely linked and help a person feel energized right from the time he begins his day. 

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