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Bridal Beauty To-Do List

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Your big day is right around the corner! You’ve got the perfect location, bridal jora, jewelry and makeup artist all picked out. So what about you? Not only do you have your own To-Do list but it’s important for you to look your ultimate best on your wedding day, not to mention all the dolkis, the mayun and post-wedding occasions. There are a few basic things to check off your list that can all be done starting  a month to 2 weeks before the wedding.

Fresh Haircut

Haircut Bridal Beauty To Do ListBefore your day is near, a new hair cut will liven up your locks. It’s recommended to get a hair cut a week before your wedding functions begin since that will give your hair a bit of time to grow out the blunt edges. Ask your hair stylist to treat any split ends that can cause frizz or breakage. You want your hair to look styled even without spending hours on it. A layered cut will add volume while being easily manageable.


Deep Conditioning

deep conditioning Bridal Beauty To Do ListPrior to your wedding festivities, hydrating and moisturizing your hair is highly recommended to treat any dryness and damage. We know how tough hair dressers can be with the excessive backcombing and hair spraying. Using a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioning mask will help replenish the roots and the ends. With added hydration, your hair will become more manageable on the big day. This will also help tame any frizz or dried ends.

Youthful Glowing Skin

Facial Bridal Beauty To Do ListNever, ever go for a salon facial near your wedding day. You can not risk the occasional breakout or allergy reaction on your delicate face. The harsh exfoliation from a facial can lead to redness or blemishes. A week before your events, a facial will allow your skin to glow and to adjust to the chemical treatment. If you are weary about your skin not looking its best the day of your wedding- go for an at home facial treatment to be on the safe side.

Rescue Makeup Kit

Makeup bag Bridal Beauty To Do ListIts certain that you will hire a makeup artist on your wedding day and even on other events- but you want to pack a kit of quick fixes in case of an emergency. A few things that you should keep in your makeup bag are- tweezers, cotton buds, tiny scissors, mascara, saniplast, matching lipstick, tissues and touch up powder. All of these items will come in handy since you never when you or your loved ones might need a quick fix. 

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