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Bronzed Glow- Makeup for Summer

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From shimmery creams to earth hues, this summer calls for illuminating skin. Since the heat and dreaded sun of Pakistan ends up giving us a tanned complexion, go au-naturale and skip the unnecessary with your makeup routine.

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Let’s break down the essentials for a Neutral Bronze makeup look. Since our warm toned skin gets especially tanned during many outdoor activities, a natural/earth tone will enhance your skin without giving you a cakey or dark appearance  With a tanned skin tone, going with earthy and natural hues complements your skin perfectly.




Brown eye shadow palette 300x170 Bronzed Glow  Makeup for SummerEasy and quick is definitely at the top of the list when applying eye makeup. You don’t want to go for an extremely complicated eye makeup since you want to look your natural best. I suggest going for a long-wearing cream eyeshadow, application is easy and doesn’t require any eye makeup brushes. Simply dab your finger into the product, blend it on your eye lid and pair it with an eyeliner- you’re ready to head out the door!

Creme lidschatten 300x197 Bronzed Glow  Makeup for SummerMy favorite long-wearing and crease resistant eye shadows are the Maybelline Eye Studio 24Hr Color Tattoos in On & On Bronze, Eternal Gold and Permanent Taupe (850Rs). These three shades are gorgeous for a natural everyday eye look, each can be used on it’s own to create a simple yet eye-catching look.

Pair your cream eye shadow with a simple waterproof volumizing mascara and liquid liner to enhance your eye look.


Once you’ve completed your eye makeup, it’s time to move on to the rest of the face. Hiding your imperfections and brightening up your under eye area calls for a concealer. Using a light creamy concealer palette such as the Catrice All Round Concealer Palette (650Rs) is great for covering up and brightening any acne spots or dark circles you want to hide.

Once you’ve finished applying your concealer, use a light BB cream such as the Rimmel London BB cream (950Rs) for Oil/Combination skin. Switch our your foundation with a BB cream, with added SPF 25 aids in sun protection while hydrating your complexion. BB creams are ideal for an all-in-one multibenefit sheer skin tint. Not only do these beauty balms provide a hint of color but aids to improve the texture of your skin without a heavy coverage. If your skin requires full coverage, don’t skip out on concelar beforehand.


Bronzer is definitely a makeup product girls aren’t aware of wearing in Pakistan. Consider bronzer as a skin tone blush that you apply on the hollows of your cheeks, it instantly boosts of your skin’s complexion and gives a gorgeous glow under the sun. Bronzers come in matte and shimmery finishes depending on your preference.

Apply bronzer on your cheeks and neck making sure to blend it out evenly on your skin. If you want to go a step further and use a blush, choose a warm sheer tone of pink to help blend your bronzer into you skin. Go one step further and apply bronzer on each side of your nose and jaw line as a contour for slimming your face.


4592576056 225e9367d9 z 300x198 Bronzed Glow  Makeup for SummerFinally, complement your tan with bright lip color. Go for a shimmery or matte finish lipstick or a lip gloss in shades of corals, rosy neutrals and reds. If you want to skip out on wearing lip gloss or lipstick which ends up feathering and bleeding, wear a lip liner or go for a lip stain.

A brighter shade of lip color adds a lovely pop of color to the lips since the rest of your skin is tanned and neutral. A bight shade of hot pink or coral lip color is perfect for a day out at the beach! 

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