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Budget-Friendly Mascara from Maybelline


Lashes 300x199 Budget Friendly Mascara from Maybelline

I love finding budget beauty products from brands that I know and love. Maybelline makes no exception when it comes to high quality mascaras. Their diverse range of mascaras is easily available in various locations across Karachi from Naheed’s Super Market to Scensation. Since Maybelline is available in Pakistan, I highly recommend trying one of their mascaras. My latest purchase was one of the cheapest from their collection of wonderful mascaras. The Great Big Lash Mascara promises to give fuller, bigger and dramatic lashes all with just a single coat. The washable formula is ideal for those who want to easily remove mascara at the end of the day.

MG 0105 300x199 Budget Friendly Mascara from Maybelline

The Great Big Lash is the same formula as the regular Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline, the only difference being the bigger/thicker mascara wand. The bigger brush promises more drama to your lashes. Both of the mascaras have been known for a wet formula. The Great Lash wand is a lot smaller that works ideally for smaller eyes or those with small lashes. What I like about the Great Lash formula is that it doesn’t clump on the lashes even with numerous coats. Though the formula doesn’t provide much length, it’s a great everyday mascara if you aren’t looking for one that volumizes or lengthens. It gives thickness and defines the lashes easily with just a single coat.

The wand is ideal for those who have larger eyes since it easily coats the lashes. Those with smaller eyes will have difficulty applying the mascara since you will not be able to reach every lash. For me the bigger and thicker wand was not bothersome, I prefer it compared to smaller wands since I find that a larger wand gives more volume and separates the lashes. The formula is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. For me some mascaras tend to make my eyes water, this one didn’t cause any irritation.

MG 0106 300x199 Budget Friendly Mascara from Maybelline


  1. Before applying any mascara, curl your lashes!
  2. Take the wand out from the tube and scrap off some excess product. You do not want too much mascara on your lashes since it will cause your lashes to stick together.
  3. Apply the mascara to the lashes using a zigzag motion, this will coat each lash and provide more volume.
  4. Repeat the same technique to the lower lashes. If you find your mascara smudging on your lower lashes then apply the mascara using small strokes while pulling away from the lashes.

The mascara wears very well throughout the day without flaking or wearing off.  Another aspect that I enjoy about this mascara is that it doesn’t harden my lashes making them uncomfortable. It leaves my lashes feeling flexible and natural looking. Though I am not super impressed with the formula, I recommend the Great Big Lash for those who wear eyeglasses since it will not lengthen the lashes enough to bump into your lens.

While the formula is marketed as Washable, I still needed to remove it using an oil base makeup remover. I suggest using a mixture of olive oil and water to remove the mascara completely from your lashes.

I recommend this for younger girls who want to start using mascara, it’s an affordable mascara that works really well to simply define the lashes. Since some mascaras are priced above 800rs up to 1500rs, the Great Big Lash is the cheapest mascara that you can find. If you aren’t looking for heavy and full lashes then this will do the trick. This give the most natural looking lashes.

You can find Maybelline’s range of mascara at various locations in Pakistan. The Maybelline Great Big Lash Mascara is priced at 650Rs

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