Burka Avenger season 2 starts from 1st Feb


Directed by Pakistani pop star and social activist, Aaron Haroon Rashid and produced at Unicorn Black Studios in Islamabad the animated series is all set to go on air on 1st Feb.

It has not only been popular locally but it has won several awards internationally including Peabody Award, Gender Equity award at the Prix Jeunesse International held in Zurich, Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival and been called one of the most influential fictional characters by Time magazine.

Burka Avenger addresses society issues like women’s education and increasing terrorism. It features Jiya as the inspirational school teacher and her alter ego, the super-heroine Burka Avenger. Her use of books and pens as projectile weapon is symbolic at many levels. The main characters include three children, twins Ashu and Immu, their friend Mooli (nickname Radish), his pet goat Golu, Jiya (the Burka Avenger), the villainous magician Baba Bandook, corrupt politician Vadero Pajero, and Jiya’s adoptive father Kabbadi Jan.

burqa avenger Burka Avenger season 2 starts from 1st Feb

Season 2 consists of 26 episodes of around 30 minutes each. The animated TV series will air on Nickelodeon Pakistan from February 1, 2015.

Baba Bandook

Two of Pakistan’s superstars, Haroon & Ali Azmat have released an amazing new video, Baba Bandook.

For the first time, the two stars have collaborated together for a song and music video. In the video, Ali Azmat (posing as the evil Baba Bandook) shown fighting Haroon (as Kabaddi Jaan, Burka Avenger’s mentor). The video features comical performances by Haroon and Ali Azmat intercut with shots from the animated series which is sure make the audience laugh!

Baba Bandook is the third music video from the Burka Avenger TV series. Other music videos from the show include Lady in Black by Haroon and Adil Omar and Burka Avenger theme song (instrumental). The music video has been released in the run up to the launch of Season 2 of the Burka Avenger TV series. 

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