Can Supplement Tablets Beat Fresh Fruits


For many years, health communities in Pakistan believed that there did not exist, any relationship between proper nutrition and health. These health professionals included Vaids and Hakeems.

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They believed that human body got all its nutrients from its diet and supplements were totally unnecessary. They never believed in malnutrition. For the most part they believed in the prose that diseases and disorders in the human body were subject to naturally or genetic cause.  It was in the past century, that scientists started validating their work in the field of nutrition. They began learning how vital vitamins and minerals were to the metabolic functions in the body. Through extensive research and continuous clinical trials nutritionists concluded that most people did not get the right amount of nutrition and vitamins that they required in the body.

The food choices and the taste development in different regions of Pakistan may be the cause of this. When we compare the diet of a person from the province of Punjab to that of a person in Sindh, we may observe drastic difference. People in Punjab are habitual of eating and drinking fresh fruits, milk, lassi, butter, ghee, etc. On the other hand, Sindh inhabits people who are more compassionately involved in the flavors of poultry and meat. Ages back they used to hunt and cook at the same time. These differences render a gap in the nutritional values of a person.

An incorporated in a variety of seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grain and high protein sources is important to maintain sound physical, mental and metabolic health.

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This era was followed by the studies in the clinical trials of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Scientists discovered the hidden powers of the molecular packets that are required.

“To sum up the effect of nutrients collectively, scientists started studying them in individual food items. It was then maintained in all the health books that instead of taking a handful of vitamin and mineral supplements each day, Pakistani diet should contain fruits and vegetables so that they can work together and perform the function that an individual pill main perform.”

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But this does not strike out the possibility of taking vitamin supplements. Let’s take the example of people residing in the northern areas. They are deprived of enough sunlight. And consequently, they are unable to synthesize Vitamin D in their body which is vital in the maintenance and good health of the bones. This population is often prescribed to take Vitamin D supplements in order to maintain their skeletal system. In the same way, if a person is lactose intolerant and is not able to drink milk or milk products at all, then he may be malnutritioned with regard to Calcium. These individuals are advised to take Calcium supplements.

Seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables contain not only the vital vitamins but are also high in Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These are present in the active form that allows human body to metabolize them in a more proficient manner. Items such as carrots, beetroots, turnip, etc. are high in fiber and aid in indigestion.

Hence we conclude that of course, fruits and vegetables cannot be replaced by the supplements but individuals who are malnutritioned have to take supplements.  

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