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Chayn – Courage and Hope Against Domestic Abuse

They say actions speak louder than words. But what they don’t say is these actions need a lot of efforts to be executed. It is very easy for people to point out what is wrong with this society but only a few of them are willing to fight these problems.

Hera Hussain, a social worker, is one of those individuals who are continuously striving hard in order to bring a change in this society. She has taken a bold initiative against a problem that has long been a part of our country, women going through domestic abuse.

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Hera has provided the women going through abuse with a platform via website where they can fight for their rights. Her website addresses all the problems that a woman might face domestically.

She has tried to make sure that the women get to know their rights. And, has tried to ensure that they do not get carried away, hence addressing them beautifully. She has a whole different section of domestic violence on her website where she has addressed the basic information regarding domestic violence, the myths and why it happens.

Domestic Violence Chayn   Courage and Hope Against Domestic Abuse

Her website doesn’t talk about domestic violence only but it talks about how women suffer from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and how they can be treated. It talks about the laws and divorce, how the fear of going to police can be overcome, and how they can find a job in order to move on with their lives.

The “Hide this page” feature distinguishes her website among others. In case of an emergency, where a woman wouldn’t want her abuser seeing her use this website, a simple click will hide the page and will land you to a different page of a fashion magazine.

Chayn Chayn   Courage and Hope Against Domestic Abuse
Not only that but Hera also has a blog on her website where they share stories of women who escaped domestic abuse and are now leading a happy life. Women in our society have always been oppressed either by their families or their colleagues at work. They have always been declined their basic rights and have always been considered as a weak object.

Hera, meanwhile, has put in all her efforts to make women aware of their basic rights. She has done a commendable job. She has taken an initiative against domestic abuse, something that is very rare in our society, considering the consequences.

islamisagainstdomesticviolence.jpeg Chayn   Courage and Hope Against Domestic Abuse

Thus her efforts should be acknowledged by people like you and us. How can we help her? There’s a feature that says “Support Chayn” click on that and make sure to volunteer or help her in any possible way so that more and more women who are going through domestic abuse can make the most of it. 

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