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Child Bonding with Physical Fitness

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We live in a fast paced world, and in order to raise successful children, we invest dearly into their education and make sure they always do their homework in time. What often gets neglected is the importance of physical fitness, especially when our kids are growing up. Regardless of gender, exercise is very important with several physical and mental benefits associated with it.

Stock 000007205934XSmall parent child sunset 300x203 Child Bonding with Physical Fitness The physical benefits associated with working out include strengthening bones, toning muscles and lessening the chances of developing health problems such as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. In addition to the health benefits it is an excellent opportunity to bond with our kids.

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Moms are welcomed to engage in physical activity with kids, but we assume you have your handful making sure they eat healthy and finish their homework on time. So this one is primarily for the daddies out there (ladies you can share this article directly on their Facebook timeline).

For the dads out there, this is an excellent opportunity to spend time with their kids and also get in shape as well. I regularly attend martial arts classes where I see daddies as well as mommies bringing their little ones with them. So it turns into a fun activity for the whole family. It is very motivating for children to engage in an activity if they see their parents doing it as well.

kids playing together 300x223 Child Bonding with Physical FitnessIf you don’t have the time to sign up for a class, there are plenty of activities that you can engage in at home or a neighborhood park. Playing tag with your kids can help build endurance, crossing the monkey bar builds strength and helps them grow in height as well. You can simply go for a jog or a walk, it is the easiest form of exercise and it is a perfect opportunity to pass your wisdom on to them.


In conclusion, try to add physical fitness into your daily routine, allot a time for it and think of it as family time that will help you stay healthy and in shape. Most importantly this is an excellent way to help you bond with your children. Above all make sure it is fun for you and the kids so you all are excited about it the next day.

Exercise Tips

  • Allocate 3 days a week for vigorous activities such as running, biking and sit-ups.
  • Go for a walk with your child after dinner.
  • Head to the park after your child comes home from school.
  • Put on some music and dance.


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