Chocolate Fondue Recipe


Warm bubbly chocolate is a delight in winters.

Especially when accompanied with fluffy marshmallows. The best way to serve Chocolate Fondue  is in a fondue pot (a ceramic pot with a candle lit underneath) as it keeps the chocolate warm.

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Chocolate Fondue Pot with Skewers

However, in case you do not own one then just serve Chocolate Fondue in a normal bowl. Here is what you need to make this heavenly dessert which will make you swoon.


500 grams Semi- Sweet Dark Cooking Chocolate (Bar or Chocolate Chips)
250 grams Double Cream
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence

Cooking Utensils:
1 Pot
1 Smaller pot
1 Whisk

1. Fill pot with water and bring it to boil.
2. Put the small pot inside the big one with water (Use as a double boiler) and remove from heat.
3. Add Cream and stir till it is heated.
4. Add chocolate and whisk till smooth in texture . If you are using a Chocolate bar then cut in small pieces before adding.
5. Add vanilla essence and it pour in the fondue pot.

If you want to be sweeter just add a teaspoon of condensed milk. White chocolate lovers can replace the milk/dark chocolate with white chocolate. For coffeeholics just add one Teaspoon of your favourite grounded coffee beans to the Chocolate Fondue

Serve Chocolate fondue with: Fruits (bananas, pineapples, strawberries etc) Marshmallows
Crackers or biscuits
Pieces of cake or doughnuts

Gather your family members and enjoy the delicious Chocolate Fondue! 

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