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Control Oil with Luscious Velvet Matte Powder


Luscious Velvet Matte Powder 2 300x199 Control Oil with Luscious Velvet Matte PowderIn Pakistan, humidity and warm weather happens practically 80% out of the year. This only means keeping your skin shine-free and flawless with help from makeup.

In most parts of the country, extreme temperatures along with pollution and humidity leads to a rapid increase of oil and dirt produced on our skin. The gland that causes oil to build up has the highest concentration around our nose and t-zone area leading to a shiny nose.

One of the best ways to control oil build up is with a heavy-duty mattifying pressed powder. Compact pressed powders are perfect to carry in your handbag for a quick touch up. I’ve tried plenty of pressed powders since my skin is prone to oil build up. My favorite pressed powder lately is the Luscious Velvet Matte Oil Control Pressed Powder.

In a nutshell- if you have oily skin this is a must have in your makeup kit. The powder gives a smooth and silky finish to your skin. Best of all the ingredients includes UVA/UVB protection against harsh sun rays which damages the skin.

It smoothes out any appearance of pores while giving you medium coverage. This works wonderful on its own paired with a bit of concealer, I’d say skip out on using liquid or cream-based makeup altogether in the summer and this is ideal for giving you a flawless complexion.

Touch Ups:

With hotter temperatures, it’s best to reach for a compact powder to help knock off excessLuscious Velvet Matte Powder 3 300x241 Control Oil with Luscious Velvet Matte Powder shine on your skin. Generally, the most oil produced on our skin is our nose and forehead. The last thing you want is to have your skin look greasy.

The main reason why I adore the Luscious Velvet Matte Oil Control Pressed Powder is because it doesn’t cake up after touching up your makeup during mid-day.

Always blot off any excess oil from your t-zone before reapplying the powder. Simply take a clean tissue and press it gently against your nose and forehead, this will absorb any oil and dirt produced overtime. You don’t want to skip out on blotting the oil since adding more product will clog up your pores and cause acne build up.

Flawless Matte Complexion:

Luscious Velvet Matte Powder 4 300x258 Control Oil with Luscious Velvet Matte Powder

The Velvet Matte Powder comes with an inbuilt mirror perfect for mid-day touch ups along with a sponge applicator. The reason why the powder doesn’t cake up on the skin is due to the sponge applicator which applies the product evenly for a smooth finish.

The best method to applying the pressed powder is by pressing the product onto the skin. This method helps to maintain a mattifying effect even during a heat-wave. This method will also help minimize the appearance of pores. Concentrate your application on the center of your face.

Where to Purchase

Luscious is available all over Pakistan but if you love online shopping as much as I do, you can shop directly from their website at or visit Naheed Super Market. The Velvet Matte is priced at 875Rs and is available in 5 shades. If you are between fair and medium complexion, Shade 02 gives a natural finish.

Quick Tips to Keep Oil Under Control

  • Toner: If using powders isn’t enough to help keep your skin oil-free, use a toner or alcohol-free astringent to help control oil overproduction. Apply it on the t-zone before your makeup to remove excess oil and tighten pores.
  • Clay Masks: Once or twice a week a clay mask helps to deep cleanse and clarify the skin to remove dirt and oil. The clay treatment helps shrink pores and reduce blackheads.
  • Deep Cleansers: Twice a day using a cleanser that with oil-control properties will help to exfoliate dead skin. A cleanser that includes micro-beads will help cleanse dirt


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