5 Controversial Pakistani TV Celebrities of 2013


No matter how cheesy it may sound, it is an established and admitted fact that controversies bring overnight fame for both TV and film artists. Hookups, scandals and other celebrity affairs are always the center of attention of public, that’s the main reason many struggling artists use these tools as shortcut for success. Sadly, these controversial celebrities are often times given high media coverage, different TV channels use them to increase their TRPs hence we see them hosting different magazine or live shows or participating in reality shows. Situation isn’t different in Pakistan hence today we compiled a list of controversial Pakistani TV celebrities of year 2013 for you, let’s see who made it to our list.

Saher Lodhi

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Saher had been facing severe criticism from his audience since his very first television performance – reason is his obsession with the Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan. He started his career with the show Chai Time on Indus TV. Till date he has done countless talk shows and dramas. Some of his prominent TV plays are Bichrain Ge Ab Kaise, Dil Phoolon Ki Basti, Tum Mere Ho and Saheeli. According to a Hum TV survey report, Saher Lodhi is the Pakistani celebrity with most hater clubs on Facebook. It’s nearly about a decade that Saher is in the field of showbiz, it is high time for him to stop being a copy of Shahraukh and introduce his individual style to his audience.

Maya Khan

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Maya Khan is a popular Pakistani morning show host who actually began her career as a child artist from TV dramas. The Maya Khan controversy actually has its roots in 2012 when she was hosting a show on Sama TV. The central idea of the show was to visit public places, find couples sitting there and ask them questions like “Why are you together?” and “Does your parents know about your presence in this park?”, the show was highly criticized by public on all social media forums and as a result Maya Khan got terminated from Sama TV in the beginning of 2012. The story didn’t ended there and Maya Khan came back with another new show and new controversies on Express News. Her show, The Maya Khan show is famous for setting forth heated discussions.

Waqar Zaka

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The Daredevil of Pakistan – Mr. Waqar Zaka is a TV host, director, producer and concept writer who is notoriously famous for kissing cobras, placing his head in a crocodile’s mouth and conducting auditions of his show with a wild lioness. Waqar has also made an appearance with a cobra on Dr. Shaista Lodhi’s show Good Morning Pakistan where he guided her to kiss a cobra in live transmission for a world record. His reality show Living on the Edge has gained much popularity, apart from these stunts, a huge credit for his fame goes to his rude and harsh behaviour with the participants of his reality shows that is publicly criticized a number of times.

Aamir Liaquat

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Aamir Liaquat is known as a religious scholar and TV host. Aalim Online is the show that made him immensely popular. There always have been so many controversies about him; many videos circulate on social media where this self-proclaimed religious scholar could be seen presenting an entirely different image of his personality. Recently, his Ramadan Special Transmission was the hub of public’s anguish where he humiliated Taher Shah by making fun of his features and infamous song Eye to Eye.

VJ Mathira

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Very few people know that VJ Mathira actually belonged to Zimbabwe, born to an African father and Pakistani mother Mathira is at number five in our list of controversial Pakistani TV celebrities. She started her career with a night show on Vibe TV that became controversial due to her bold attire. Mathira has also worked as a physical trainer in Shaista Wahidi’s morning show. Her recent venture was the item number for the hit Pakistani movie Mein Hun Shahid Afridi. Mathira is sure to create a controversy wherever she goes, only few weeks ago a TV advertisement in which she performed got banned by PEMRA. 

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