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Coping with gender discrimination issues in Pakistan


Gender discrimination in Pakistan has been a cause of concern for many. Let’s have a look at how it integrates into our culture.

The day you get married, wise old women sit by you, praying fervently to God to bless you with a son. Mothers would put their sons in your lap so that God blesses you with a son. The day you become pregnant, your mother in law starts thinking names for her grandson, and no logic can shatter her belief that you are going to have a son.

The day you get your ultrasound is a big day for you. Amid prayers, you depart for the clinic, and get your scan. But hey! The scan informs you that you are going to have a baby girl! Oh my goodness, how will you tell it to everybody? Your husband takes you home in a strained silence and shuts himself in his room on reaching there. You tell the horrid news to your parents in law, who are so shocked that they can’t speak a word. You spend rest of your pregnancy with old ladies informing you that the following ‘prayers and actions’ may still give you a boy. At last, you reach your delivery date, and give birth to a beautiful daughter, at which smug relatives having sons raise their eyebrows, and smirk at your husband’s misfortune to have a ‘daughter’.

Gender Discrimination Pakistan – Does it end anywhere?

This might seem like a bit farfetched, but it is not. The reality is that in Pakistan, almost every female goes through this painful process, and the tragedy is that she repeats the same with her daughter in law. It’s a vicious and unnatural process, whereby having a daughter is considered shameful and a burden. The baby girl is raised in a completely different manner from a baby boy, given lesser food, lesser privileges and lesser opportunities. I do not say that every home has this phenomenon; I just claim that most of the families have the same story. Females may have to give birth to a child every year till they produce a ‘heir’ – a clear stance of gender discrimination Pakistan. Many females are divorced, separated, shunned and humiliated if they do not succeed in achieving this honor.

anisha 220x300 Coping with gender discrimination issues in Pakistan

Therefore, when you become a mother of a girl, forget anything people say about girls. Look at the girls present all over the world, achieving brilliance and making their parents proud. The baby girl that you have will be the one who will care the most for you when she grows up. She will be the one who will tend for you when you are sick, and she will always remain loyal to you, wherever she goes. As an Irish saying goes ‘A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.’

Summing it up, raise your baby girl just like you would raise a boy and end gender discrimination Pakistan. Give her the best of everything, food, toys, education and the most important thing, your attention, so that she does not fall in any complex and with her shy radiance makes you proud.


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