Defeat your inner enemy- Anxiety!


I have been alarmed by the behavior of chaotic people driving on the roads of Karachi. A person peacefully heading towards his destination has to turn into a maniac vigilant owl who watches out for attackers in the form of bikers, coach drivers, “chingchi” drivers, etc. They can jump from just nowhere and you are the one responsible for your own well being. They will do no efforts in saving anyone but time!

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If you just plan a journey from I.I. Chundrigarh road to Civic Center, you are sure to end up either mugged or totally drained of energy. Most working men and women are not able to do any task when they reach home out of exhaustion because reaching home is itself a tiring ordeal. This frenzied routine of life has also affected a common man’s attitude and psychological health. When you unveil the encyclopaedia of human nature and its requirements for healthy mind, you learn that a common man in Karachi is orphaned of so many factors. The ever decreasing economic and financial stability of the country has now touched all classes of the society. These economic crises only add up to the stress factors in the life of a Karachiite. The social insecurity of being robbed or mugged in public is another issue that keeps people from visiting parks, malls, public places, etc for recreational activities. This dilemma has impacted negatively on the minds of people.

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Below are some guidelines that can be handy when one is experiencing such social, psychological or biological issue:

Girl Drinking Water 1024x714 Defeat your inner enemy  Anxiety!Use Water: Yes, either drink a glass of water to flush down the excitatory hormones and toxins from the body or take a long relieving shower. Both these methods are highly effective because water is a universal purifier. Water therapy or hydration therapy is documented to be used for over 4000 years now.


Body Flow Fluids and Energy Defeat your inner enemy  Anxiety!Exercise: Yoga or Aerobic workout is a revitalizing way of letting out the excess fats and toxins from the body. A work out of minimum 30 minutes 5 days a week is ideal for achieving and maintaining vital metabolism. Exercise also aids in releasing stress and frustration by increasing blood circulation to the nervous system.


154575 425x282 Woman talking with a sympathetic friend Defeat your inner enemy  Anxiety!Share: Talking to a loved one or a close friend is also a very successful way of getting rid of anxiety. Letting out about your fears, factors that are triggering stress, personal problems or concerns will help out a lot. Talk to a parent, spouse, sibling, best friend or a therapist.


Journaling to Productivty Defeat your inner enemy  Anxiety!Write: Maintaining a journal of your personal thoughts and experiences is another way to let out what is bothering you from within. The journal does not have to be well written or edited. It’s just a streaming flow of words that snap into your mind.


Muslim woman praying REUTERS 640x4801 Defeat your inner enemy  Anxiety!Pray or Meditate:  Remember having a time for yourself and your creator is very important. In other words, you can just peacefully relax and try and listen to your heart beat and feel your existence. This is a core technique used by many meditators such as Buddha.


anxiety sleep well Defeat your inner enemy  Anxiety!Sleep Well: Healthy human body and brain needs around 8 hours of sound and peaceful sleep. If you are not getting enough of it, you are over tiring your brain and this is not healthy at all for your overall health.  So try to relax yourself through meditation and praying. It will help you have a peaceful sleep.


services counselling Defeat your inner enemy  Anxiety!Seek Medical Advice:  If things are slipping out of your hands or you are having depressive or suicidal thoughts then immediately seek medical care. Being referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist does not mean in any way that you are a victim of mental disease but it is actually better for counselling and therapy that will ease out your episodes of anxiety.


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