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Dissecting Superstitions

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I was really irked the moment a black cat crossed my path when mom was along. Off course, I don’t regard superstitions as something having slightest impact on our lives but mom has a belief. So, unwillingly, I had to wait for a few minutes and walk behind a number of steps before approaching the main gate in order to leave for university. A day before this happened I was badly scolded by my grandmother because I had mistakenly disclosed to her my wish of planting green chilies in home. According to popular belief, growing chilies in home brings bad luck and evil to the family so I was forced by elders to shrug off the plan and plant something else instead of chilies. How greatly can superstitions control one’s life, I can clearly see around my family.

Superstitions are basically some irrational kind of beliefs that originated thousands of years ago and a huge number of people from every generation usually carry the baggage of these ideas and old convictions forward. Superstitions revolve around certain actions, some being beyond our control that is supposed to bring us good or bad luck. They can influence our lives dramatically depending on the extent we believe in them. Many people refrain from several practices that they would have otherwise not inquired about because of superstitious beliefs that they listen to and observe in their daily lives. Mostly, people avoid taking risks on their luck and serenity and tranquility of their life so they end up following what we may term as illogical practices.

superstitions Dissecting SuperstitionsA drawback and heinous aspect of being superstitious is that it limits the mental faculties of a person to minimum level and an external belief or object starts dominating his actions and the course of his life. Superstitions may also turn an individual into a paranoid if he starts believing too much in them. In such cases, he will always feel threatened after committing an error, thinking of the bad consequences of violating the folklore traditions. Exaggerated belief in superstitions might also lead to anxiety and depression taking hold of a person’s mental health. He will think several times before performing a task and might also attempt to form some kind of a spiritual connection with an external being. It also hampers the development of human conscience and intellect as it does not enable a person to think out of the box.

The reality of superstitions is still very much ambiguous and vague and scientists are trying to trace their origin and the conditions that gave life to such beliefs. However, we must refrain from adopting any belief or practice that is in contradiction to common sense and logic. Human intellect and consciousness is the most magnificent thing of all and no external condition can undermine or influence its capabilities except for our own selves. Actually, sometimes we start admiring the unconscious too much that it deviates and drifts us away from the practicalities and realities of life. Perhaps, humans will progress and prosper splendidly the closer they get to reality and emancipate their minds from the chains of subservience to primitive and insane traditions.


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