Do Pakistani Men Watch Dramas?

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The Pakistani drama industry is growing rapidly and churning out high quality dramas that keep viewers entertained. However, with all the addicting dramas around, the question is do Pakistani men watch dramas?

There are no statistics or tests conducted on this subject and so no exact conclusion can be reached. But in spite of this, a quick look at our surroundings can help us answer this question satisfactorily.

Unlike other drama industries around the world, Pakistani dramas do not have genres that are solely targeted towards the male population such as action, adventure or mystery. It is safe to assume that almost all the dramas are written and produced with women in mind.

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This is because the majority of drama viewers are women. Even if men watch Pakistani dramas, they do not talk about it (much) unlike women who can go on and on about past episodes.

Men do not also follow dramas with the enthusiasm and devotion that women exhibit. If they miss an episode, it is not that big of a deal for them. On the other hand, should they miss an episode of the favourite drama, many women generally get upset.

Also men do not wait eagerly for a drama to start airing after seeing the promos on TV, if they happen to catch an episode on TV, then they might sit and watch. That’s how their watching style is, they are not addicted but they also don’t mind watching if it is on. Many men who watch dramas do so because of the female folks in their home and so they get used to seeing these dramas on TV all day. At least that’s how many of them are introduced to the world of drama and serials.

Many Pakistani dramas have social messages interwoven with the storyline. Most of these messages are about issues that are prevalent in our society. Therefore, if men watch these types of dramas, it should be considered a good thing. This is because such dramas are informative and should be patronized in order to encourage production houses to come up with more enlightening dramas. This will help reduce the influx of mediocre dramas that have no viable plot whatsoever and represent a much distorted image of life. There will then be enough time slots available to air Pakistani dramas that are truly worth watching by both genders.

If Pakistani directors and production houses experiment with and invest in other genres in order to make dramas that are written with men in mind as well as women, then there is a possibility that we will hear about men tuning in to dramas more often. They might even start reviewing them and better still open up discussion forums!

Hopefully, the question we started with in the beginning has been answered. As you might have noticed, the answer is not a simple yes or no. Rather, it is a look at what the notion of “watching dramas” mean in relation to men and how this differs from female viewers. 

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