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Tuition for Children – A Necessity or a Trend?

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Returning from their schools with heavy bags on shoulders, having lunch, finishing homework, spending an hour with Qari sahib and to add up to all this an average schooling child today is also expected to attend tuition daily to revise his lessons. Education for children has become sort of a burden for both parents and children …

With the passage of time several improvisations have been made in the education system in Pakistan. As a result children are more competitive and when they do not perform it stresses out the parents as well. Those who are unable to help their children in studies, either opt to send them to tuition centers or hire private tutors for help. Does this overwork your child or you feel a few hours of tuition is the only way your child can score better in school? Aren’t you already spending enough on your child’s supposedly ‘good school’?

Why does your child need tuition?

Is the quality of education at your child’s school too low?

A good private school should have professional and adequately experienced staff that uses innovative, creative and the latest methods and techniques of teaching with a learning environment that reduces the need for tuition or any extra help apart from school education for children.

Too many students in a class?

The number of the children in a class matters. From a parents point of view a teacher cannot give equal attention and discipline more than 22 to 25 students at a time, hence making number of students important for better education of children.

When is the right time?

Parents who feel their children need a tutor during their primary schooling years can be wrong.

One, this way the children get dependent on external help at a very young age and stop paying attention at school as they have an easier solution of covering up the loss in tuition.

Two, their concentration level decreases due to mental tiredness caused by continuous academic tasks.

Three, the difference in the methods of teaching at school and that of the tutor’s cause confusions rather than making it easier for the child.

It is therefore a parent’s duty to help children revise and avoid tuition at least until they reach higher grades and have different priorities of education for children.

Secondly, if your child isn’t able to readily grasp and understand what is being taught in school it is time you ask his or her school teachers to give your child a little extra time. If you feel your child is a slow learner then he might need more help and in such a situation you can consider sending your child to tuition or spend as much time as you can to make it easier for your child understand and learn his lessons easily at home.

Going to tuition centers has now become more of a ‘trend’ than a necessity. It is wrong to send your child to a tutor just because his fellow classmates go to one and you don’t want your child to feel left out. It is better to push children a little to perform well. A little more effort can help perk up his or her results without you putting in extra money over academics and this money can be better used in areas other than just academics. It is important that children are taught to concentrate on what is being taught in school and encouraged to ask questions whenever they have doubts. Cramming their schedules, which won’t make education for children any helpful, with study at school, after school and at home stresses the child out and this makes them perform lesser than perform better! 

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