Eid-ul-Fitr Special 2013- Kya Pyar Hogaya Hai Review

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During the Eid celebrations, Pakistani television channels give their viewers a lot of entertaining programs especially short telefilms that are produced specially for this holiday. These are not lengthy and mostly contain comic elements, their plots and story-lines usually revolve around a theme based on Eid.

Many people look forward to the Eid special dramas of the year, myself included. Just like every year, I was on the search for the perfect Eid drama to help me unwind and have a good time.

After watching a few of the Eid telefilms on air this month, I decided to go ahead and review Hum TV‘s “Kya Pyar Hogaya Hai?” which aired on the  9th of august, 2013 and was directed by Saima Waseem.

What is it about?

There is nothing extraordinary to talk about this telefilm, in fact the story revolves around the typical boy meets girl plot in which they hate each other during their first meeting but then eventually develop feelings for each other and proclaim their love towards the end after much hostility.However cliched as this story-line might be, yet somehow it always tends to attract a lot of viewers especially all the romance-comedy loving folks out there, myself included.

The highlights for this telefilm was the constant bickering and quarrel scenes between the lead pair. How they stepped on each others nerves and tried to hide their feelings was amusing and fun to watch.

Who is in it?

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The pretty Sajal Ali and the dashing Danish Taimoor were the lead pair in “Kya Pyar Hogaya Hai?”. They both seemed perfect for their respective roles and they did justice to their characters without overacting. Their chemistry was very good and believable on-screen.

There were only three more characters in this telefilm yet the story-line was powerful. There were no dull moments or periods and the plot didn’t seem to be stretched unnecessarily.The pace was therefore satisfactory, neither too hurried nor too slow.

Wardrobe and styling plays a huge part in the appeal of any program. In this telefilm, the styling and costumes of the various actors were perfect for their respective characters. The hairstyles and grooming of the lead pair was very well executed.

The dialogs of the characters were also well written and it never felt like they were hesitating or struggling in delivering their lines.

Is it worth watching?

This telefilm is just the one for you if you are looking for a romance-comedy with a happy ending . It will keep you entertained for a little over an hour and  like most dramas of this genre, it will leave you with a good feeling when it has finally ended.

So if you are in search of a light and funny comedy then do have a look at “Kya Pyar Hogaya Hai?” since it is one of the sweetest and uncomplicated telefilms that I have watched this year.

If you want to watch another telefilm of this genre then check out my review of Armaan here.

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