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Essence and Catrice Cosmetics in Pakistan

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Being a makeup addict, I’ve seen plenty of international brands launch in Pakistan over the past few years. Earlier this year, Essence and Catrice Cosmetics launched its kiosks in several parts of Karachi such as Naheed’s Super Market and Park Towers. These two brands are truly hidden gems in the beauty industry. For those who aren’t aware of them, they are from a German company called Cosnova. Essence Cosmetics is a more budget friendly brand compared to Catrice. Both have the same range of products but Catrice is little better when it comes to the quality of the makeup and packaging of the products.

I’ve heard about both brands because they are well-known around the world for being affordable. Now that they are easily available in Pakistan, I’ve been hooked on purchasing makeup from both brands. The quality of each product that I’ve used so far is amazing. Since many international brands that come to Pakistan have a hefty price tag, I was happy to see Essence and Catrice to be a more affordable option. Essence’s range start from about Rs150 to the most expensive product being around Rs600. On the other hand, Catrice’s products are little pricier but the packaging is classier and sturdy compared to Essence cosmetics.

I’ve tried quite a few products from Essence, what stands out from the entire range are their eyeliners and nail polishes. I can’t rave enough about their Gel Liner. While brands such as Maybelline costs about Rs1,000 for a small pot, the Essence gel eyeliner costs less than half and lasts for months. Its super creamy, applies like a dream and lasts all day without smudging or budging. Most gel liners tend to dry out after a certain amount of time, I’ve had my jar for more than 4 months and even after continuous use it has yet to dry out!

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Catrice, on the other hand, has similar product range but priced just a little higher. The lipstick range is vast when it comes to shade selection. The only downfall I noticed with the Essence cosmetics is their foundation and powder shade range, which is limited. If your skin tone is on the medium-dark side, you’ll be unlucky with finding a foundation shade to match your skin.

I’m impressed with the entire range from both the brands. Their range of makeup will make it easier for girls to purchase and explore a good quality product that’s easy safe to use. I’m sure you will try out these and will let us know about your opinion in the comment section.


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