Faysal Qureshi is back with a bang!


After being a super-hit host for 5 years for “Muskurati Morning” on Tv One, Faisal Qureshi is all ready to fascinate his fans by hosting a game show.

There is no doubt about the fact that Faysal’s presence on air leads to high increase in the ratings. The charming actor that he is always ready to go an extra mile to win the heart of his beloved fans.

It barely has been a month that he bid farewell to his morning show and he is ready to launch his upcoming game show on Hum TV  by mid-February. However, Further details are yet to be revealed by the channel through their social media platforms.

One thing is confirmed that this show will not disappoint the viewers and will surely bring a lot of surprises and excitement once it goes on air.

According to Faysal,  “I feel acting is fantasy while hosting is reality. I love hosting because it helps keep me grounded. I get a chance to meet all kinds of people which is very important for a person to grow.”


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