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Fighting Puffy Eyes

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Tired of your puffy eyes? I can imagine how irritating it is when people keep asking you if you have recently cried or if you are sleep deprived. Each and every event gets difficult to attend when even the concealer cannot hide your puffy matter how fresh you feel, the puffy eyes give you such a worn down look. Well there can be a number of reasons to have eyes like this. The skin that surrounds our eyes is extremely sensitive, it tends to swell when you’re experiencing lack of sleep, some allergy, dehydration, stress or it can even be the side effect of medication.

To relieve your pain of having puffy eyes, keep in mind a few easy precautions and give your eyes a more revitalized look. First of all make sure you are hydrated all day long. More than anything else, lack of water is the biggest culprit of puffy eyes. In case of dehydration the body has a tendency to store surplus water in different body parts, as well as eye areas. Drinking at least 7- 8 glasses of water every day will help you stay sufficiently hydrated all can also decrease the water retention around eyes by avoiding the intake of food that has high amount of sodium in it. Using cucumber for your eyes has always been one of the most effective remedy to get rid of swollen eyes. The high content of vitamin c and water in this fruit hydrates the sensitive eye skin and further more reduces the eyes bags.

Well there are also a few ways to instantly get rid of puffy eyes. Anything that gives a cool effect to the eyes can shrink the blood vessels hence eliminating the swollen look of eyes. You can try icepacks or cold compress masks under the eyes for a few minutes to relax the blood vessels surrounding your eyes. An easier option here is to cool your eyes by splashing fresh cold tap water on your face quite a few times or simply use a spoon that was kept in the refrigerator for one good hour, place the hollow side of the spoon gently on your eye and let your eyes stabilize a little.

This one can surprise you a little, do you know even your used tea bags can help you fight the irritant puffy eyes. Be it the eye irritation or the expansion blood vessel s, a mere tea bag can fix it all. Black tea and chamomile tea can both be equally effective. Just place one dry and cold tea bag on each eye and let it do miracles to your eyes for 15 minutes. You will be surprised to find out how effective it is. So ladies stop worrying about the puffy eyes and start using these simple remedies. 

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