First Look – TUC The Lighter Side of Life with Mahira Khan


The first episode of probably the most awaited and sought after talk show of the season TUC the lighter side of life hosted by sensational Mahira Khan finally aired on Hum TV this Saturday. The promos of the show with all dressed up Mahira and popular Pakistani celebs had already tempted the audience and I bet, this Saturday, almost 70% of the TV lovers in Pakistan were tuned to HUM tv for this show leaving all other entertainment shows aside. But was the first episode really worth watching? Did the show lived up to the hype created by its promos? Let’s dig deeper.

First thing first, a huge round of applause for the managing and production team of the show for finally launching a talk show of this kind in Pakistan after a long time. Pakistani entertainment channels have been telecasting a lot of Indian shows of the same genre including Koffe with Karan and Oye it’s Friday. This is the first time I am seeing a platform where our own celebrities will be  interviewed in a friendly manner and light atmosphere. So two thumb ups for the production team for the idea and initiative.

m First Look   TUC The Lighter Side of Life with Mahira Khan

Coming to the actual review of the show, I’m afraid I wasn’t really impressed. Mahira Khan, as we all know started her career as a VJ and had been hosting a live show on Aag TV for a considerable period of time. But to my surprise, her hosting in TUC the lighter side of life was below average line. Ali Zafar was the first celebrity guest of the show and there seemed to be a strong lacking  in terms of a good chemistry between these two on screen. Mahira Khan clearly was lagging behind in what we call initiating a discussion which basically was her job being the host, Ali Zafar, on the other hand managed to maintain the light mood and the flow of the show. Had it been any guest other than Ali who initiated most of the discussions himself, the show had been nothing but plain boring.

While I just have appreciated the idea of a celebrity talk show in Pakistan I couldn’t help but notice how almost all segments of the show were either copied or adapted from shows of foreign countries. Apart from the general chit chat, Ali and Mahira performed few dance steps on a song from Ali Zafar’ bollywood movie, which definitely added a bit of life to the show but this segment probably was borrowed from Farah Khan’s show Tere Mere Beech Mein. Another thing that disappointed me big time was their rapid fire round, which was renamed as Turki Ba Turki in TUC the lighter side of life but obviously the concept was same that had now really become old, predictable and corny. I wish this show had some better and intriguing segments to glue the audience.

n First Look   TUC The Lighter Side of Life with Mahira Khan

Talking about Ali Zafar in the show, his makeover was great and he looked quite a rock-star in his long hair. He was funny, quick witted and smart throughout the interview and it was really fun watching him quirking on our mini screens. But there is that one thing that I couldn’t comprehend; who advised him to act like SRK by being cheesy in his discussion, flirting unnecessarily with the show host and of course that infamous relationship advices that SRK is now known for, also witnessed by us several times mainly when Aag TV broadcasted Oye It’s Friday featuring SRK and on every second Indian award show in which SRK appears.

Summing up this whole long discussion, I’d say I wasn’t highly impressed with the first episode of TUC the lighter side of life. Mahira Khan is in a dire need of some hosting lessons, providing a good script wasn’t sufficient apparently. The creative minds behind the show seriously need to show some of their own creativity. We all are tired of rapid fires and cheesy jokes and want to watch something different now.

I definitely am not declaring the show a complete failure only after its first episode, I obviously would be watching more episodes mainly because of the guests Fawad Khan, Bushra Ansari, Shoaib Malik, Shoaib Akhtar, Sanam Saeed, Saba Hameed, Ayesha Omar and many more. But for now my rating goes like: 6/5

Did you watch the first episode of TUC the lighter side of life? How would you rate the show? 

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