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“Health is wealth.” Is not only an expression but it brings with itself a whole concept. As far as expressions are concerned, they are not just made in the blink of an eye. They are somewhat derived because of the hardships from which other people went through. It takes a thinker to present the idea in one small sentence.

That is why some people give preference to health over all others. Having a good health is the basis for the person’s strong foundation. When one does not give due care to his or her health, they start to lag behind in the walk of life. Having a good health is a blessing and it directly motivates the person to move forward. When people are healthy, they remain proactive and feel like they can take over the whole world.

But this whole concept is drifting away from our society. One reason behind it is this that we have started eating synthetic products and forgot the benefits of those products which are derived naturally. Nature gives us a very balanced environment and it is our choice whether to be a part of it.

Let us consider “Khajur”. We come to know that they have numerous benefits and one cannot get them by eating synthetic products. We forget the fact that these dates contain very little fat and are free from cholesterol while being rich in minerals and vitamins which are direly needed in our society. This is because every other day, someone from within us is diagnosed with having a shortage of vitamins. They also help in weight gain and are excellent source for diminishing alcoholic intoxication. Among its usefulness, they also act as curing agent in the stomach cancer and have no negative effects whatsoever. That’s why I would advise everyone to incorporate dates into our daily lives.

We all like to season our food with spices. They not only add a good taste but also benefits our health too. Black pepper acts as an agent who helps in stimulating our taste buds and it helps in curing our indigestion problems. Not only this, but it also helps in reduction of our stomach problems. It not only is useful when we eat it, but it can also help in stopping the bleeding if we get a minor cut. Its application can help in speeding up the healing process and kill germs as it has antibacterial properties as well.

I’m not just saying that they two have qualities that others don’t possess. But it’s just that they are the first step in having a healthier environment. And that is what all of us wants. 

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