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Cooking is fun! The joy of smelling your freshly baked delicious bread is seriously worth all your efforts but there are days when you just enjoy being lazy. Winters particularly are notorious to make one inactive and slow. On a chilled dull winter evening, the last thing anyone would want to do is stepping out of the cozy bed to whip up something to eat; that’s when foodpanda enters your life to make it easier.

about.htm 205x300 – Click, Eat & Be Merry!Foodpanda is a global food chain that aims to make the process of ordering food online simpler and easy. Whether you are stuck at office to finish some important projects, at home and in no mood of cooking or with friends in a party mood, foodpanda got you all covered. You just need to log on to their web and order your choice of food and within given time limit steaming hot exquisite food will be delivered to your doorstep.

Thanks to Facebook that introduced me to this online food delivery service. The other day when I was literally stuck at home with seized mobile networks, I thought to give foodpanda a shot. The process of ordering was quite hassle free, I’m not really fond of filling long registration forms online and thankfully ordering food at foodpanda didn’t require any of this however I had to complete four simple steps before getting indulged into the cheesiness of my margherita pizza.fp 300x182 – Click, Eat & Be Merry! On the main page of the site I entered my city and location that led me to another page where I could see a short list of restaurants of my vicinity. Since I was in a mood of pizza party I chose S Smokin Joe’s Pizza. Minimum delivery amount was 500 so I treated myself with a medium sized Margherita Pizza – you get to select your choice of base and additional topping same as you do when you actually visit the restaurant. My pizza was delivered within 45 minutes, not bad for jam packed roads of Pakistan on a public holiday. I had to pay a total of 650/- to the pizza guy for my additional mushrooms and cheese, the delivery was free of cost for S Smokin Joe’s Pizza but few restaurants charge you a minimal fee.

14 300x300 – Click, Eat & Be Merry!The concept of online food ordering is comparatively new in Pakistan than elsewhere in the world, people still are reluctant and inquisitive about it so was I, but my first order was satisfying enough to pave the way for a couple of more orders in my upcoming  lazy days. The best thing about foodpanda is it gives you a huge number of options to choose your food,  fast-food, pizza, Chinese, Italian, desi cuisine, BBQ, seafood you name it, each and everything is  available on the site. Your food is delivered to you from the finest and known restaurants of Pakistan including KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Ginsoy, Toose, The Newyork Pizza and many more, some of these places don’t offer home delivery service otherwise. With foodpanda not only all these restaurant come to your access but also you get amazing deals on them, there are always discounts and deals like 3 for 2 going on that makes your food ordering process even more fun.

Final verdict, I give foodpanda a big glittering ‘A’, would definitely be ordering from the site more often. On a lighter note, foodpanda works even when mobile networks are seized in Pakistan, what more can we ask for! Visit Foodpanda website here, happy eating!






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foodpanda – Click, Eat & Be Merry!
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