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Formal Table Setting for A Pakistani Dinner – Tips & Suggestions


“Once you realize table setting is based on logic, things become less intimidating.” – Pamela Hillings, Etiquette Consultant & Author of Manners in a Minute: Dining.

16 Formal Table Setting for A Pakistani Dinner   Tips & Suggestions

Expecting some special guests for a formal dinner at home and want everything from food to formal table setting just perfect? You need not to panic! Formal table setting for a dinner is surprisingly simpler than your imagination. Sadly, on internet you may find thousands of articles on how to set a formal dinner table but not all of them cover the information that a Pakistani lady usually need for setting formal dinner table. You will usually find info-graphics online telling you the places for wine glasses but as our food is different from west, so is our table setting requirements.


First thing first – grab your notepad and decide your menu. Your menu will ultimately decide which things you will need on your table. Whether you will be serving soup or your dinner will start with a salad? Would there be any other appetizer? Your main course will be typical Pakistani food or you will add some Chinese or continental dishes? Based on the answer of these questions make a rough checklist of the crockery you need to place on your table. Generally speaking, you will need following items for a typical Pakistani dinner:

1-      Soup Bowl

2-      Salad Plate

3-      Dinner Plate

4-      Glass

5-      Napkin

6-      Table Fork

7-      Table Spoon

8-      Table Knife

9-      Soup Spoon

10-   Dessert Spoon


28 Formal Table Setting for A Pakistani Dinner   Tips & Suggestions

Now that you have a list of each and every item that you need to set on your table, it’s time to arrange it. Avoid stuffing your dinner table – it looks messy and clumsy, plus it makes access to every single thing difficult. Follow the rule of simple is elegant for your dinner table. Here are few suggestions for cutlery settings on dinner table:

1-      Your fork should be placed to the left of your dinner plate.

2-      Always place table knife directly to the right of the plate, make sure its sharp edge is facing the plate.

3-      Place your table spoon next to the table knife; that is the right side of your plate.

4-      The perfect place for water glass is the right side of the dinner plate, directly above the table knife.

5-      Neatly fold a cloth napkin and place it on the top of your plate.


36 Formal Table Setting for A Pakistani Dinner   Tips & Suggestions

This can be simply done with a bunch of fresh flowers neatly arranged in a crystal vase. Flowers will not only beautify your dinner table but their fragrance will also make the environment fresh. If you don’t like the idea of flowers, you can use a candle stand instead of that – place an antique looking candle stand at the center of the table and lit all the candles before the food is served.

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