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Foundation 101- Guide to Selecting the Perfect One

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Foundation is the single most important beauty product used to create the canvas for your makeup look. Every foundation that you find in the cosmetic department is formulated differently from each other. While some can make your skin look flawless and healthy, others can leave you looking unappealing and chalky. In today’s technological advancements making headway in the cosmetic industry, you can find exactly what you need in a foundation bottle. With so many choices and added benefits, it can be overwhelming to choose what works to help you achieve a flawless glow. If your foundation doesn’t match you perfectly, it will immediately show through. Picking the right foundation for your skin is highly important and shouldn’t be overlooked. A mismatched foundation can give a ghostly, ashy look.

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Since the significance of using foundation is highly considered to be the base for your entire look, finding it can be tricky.

Choose your Coverage

Start by determining what type of foundation look you are trying to achieve. For sheer coverage, opt for a dewy finish liquid foundation. Sheer coverage is ideal for those without any dark imperfection and those with mature skin.

You can also create your own custom tinted moisturizer that gives a sheer dewy finish by mixing in one part moisturizer into your liquid foundation. Using this will give you a very light coverage perfect for daytime.

For a medium to full coverage foundation, opt for stick or cream foundations in a thicker consistency. This is ideal for those looking to cover any acne scars and pigmentation on the skin. These foundations can feel heavy and can end up causes more oil build up around the t-zone areas. A mattifying stick foundation stays on the skin longer without oil build up. Using a primer before applying a stick foundation can give a flawless complexion since the primer will help adhere the foundation to the skin for longer wear.

Your Foundation and Your Skin:

Consider selecting a foundation that works with your skin type instead of against it. Those with oily skin will experience heavy buildup of oil around the nose and prominent pores if a dewy foundation is used, instead use a mineral powder foundation that keeps your skin mattified throughout the day. Mineral powder foundation is formulated with natural ingredients also ideal for sensitive skin type. Those with dry skin type should use a liquid foundation to prevent any flaking or dry patches on the skin.

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Matching Your Foundation the Easy Way:

Determining your skin’s undertone should be considered carefully before matching your foundation to your skin. Majority of women in Pakistan have a Warm Undertone since our complexion has a golden beige tint because the extreme sun tanning during summer. The best method to purchase foundation is during the daytime, this helps to avoid artificial light that can give you a false shade matching. The ideal place to match your foundation is on your jaw line since that area of skin is exposed to the sun more. If you consider matching your foundation on your neck, you’ll be choosing a light shade of foundation which can give you a chalky or pale appearance.

Foundation 300x199 Foundation 101  Guide to Selecting the Perfect One

Once you have selected the foundation that matches your skin tone closely, choose one shade lighter and one darker and compare them against each other by swiping each on the jaw line side by side for accurate foundation shade selection. The foundation that blends into your face, jaw and neck is the best match!

Choosing your foundation is a trial and error process, once your find your perfect match through all the searching you’ll never look back

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