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Room Decorating Ideas for Your Teenager


wall collage Room Decorating Ideas for Your TeenagerWhen she is a little girl, fairies, cartoon characters and dolls are all she can talk about. But as she grows up your teenaged daughter should redecorate her room to suit her changing tastes and preferences.  It can be a fun mother-daughter project to do together and you can do a complete overhaul or just spruce up the room with accessories. The following ideas will get the creative juices flowing.


The easiest way to add some change is to spice up those walls. Use masking tape to mark out a design on an area of the wall. Fill it in with paint, peel away the tape and voila! a custom-made design that will have everyone wondering how you did it.

If directly painting the wall is not your scene, then frame some of your daughter’s pictures with her friends etc and display them on the wall. It gives a very sophisticated feel and is a great way of displaying your child’s changing interests.

teen bedding purple pink Room Decorating Ideas for Your Teenager


Galbraith Paul hanging lamps Room Decorating Ideas for Your TeenagerYour child’s bed is where she will spend most of her time, studying, reading, hanging out so make it an inviting place. Layer the bedding with different prints and bedspreads. The rule of thumb: stick to one color palette and add a neutral accessory like a throw or a duvet to keep it from looking busy. Add cushions of different textures, these are easily available at Sunday Bazaar and at very nominal rates, to add visual interest.

A gorgeous hanging lamp makes for an incredible centerpiece in the middle or the side of the room. And it frees up space on the bedside table for books and flowers.


102907 kitlili a Room Decorating Ideas for Your TeenagerUse a corner of the room and add some floor cushions to make a cool space for reading. A floor lamp adds warmth and makes the space look inviting!

These ideas are sure to make your daughter love her room. So make a date with her and welcome some change! 

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