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Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party


We all miss our childhood. The innocent fun we used to have and how we enjoyed the littlest things. For a majority, as a kid, the greatest event of all year would be our birthday. It’s the one day where all attention would be paid to us by our family and friends. Of course it’s up to us if we still carry on our birthdays like that, but there are numerous fun ways to celebrate your birthday as a child that we don’t do as we grow up.

So, how to make a child’s birthday amazing? Here’s where you utilize the child’s interest. Every kid has an active imagination and a fantasy world of their own. It could be inspired from something they watch on T.V. a lot, related to a book they love or maybe a sport. Just another random birthday party gets a little boring over and over again throughout the years but to further excite and plan a special birthday for them with a theme according to the subject they’re most attached to is a great idea. Let’s look at some of the most popular themes that might help you into arrange such a party.

Super Heroes

Super heroes are the most popular idea for a birthday theme. Usually a favorite amongst the boys, some tomboy girls would love this idea too. There are a lot of super heroes around in which your child is interested (E.g. Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc.).

Superhero Balloon Decorations

spiderman Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Party

Fun-filled Activities

spider2 Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Partygames Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Party


cupcakes Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday PartyThis includes food decorations and cake prepared according to the theme. Every super hero has a symbol/logo, have snacks or confectionery of their shape and color. You could buy or make a piñata of a villain, make the children have their best shot at it.



Almost every young girl set her role model one of the Disney Princesses. No matter how tomboy a girl is, there will be a time when she would love to wear a tiara and be under the spotlight. At the entrance girls could be handed tiaras and crowns for boys (let’s not make them feel too left out).


tiara Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Party

Fun Decorations

decor1 Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Partydecor2 Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday Party

Choose Your Cake

cake Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday PartyFor the cake, prepare a doll and her dress as the cake. Have an adult blow soap bubble all around kids love to run around catching bubbles. Hang around glitters filled balloons and burst them whenever the party is at its peak of fun. Have some arts and crafts activities where the kids could decorate their own wands or a drawing competition.


circus Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday PartyThis can be an exciting one. Very simple, but great fun. You could hire a clown or get an adult dressed up as a clown. Preparing cupcake shaped as tents or clown face is a good idea to go with the theme.

Cupcakes Clowns2 Fun Theme Ideas For Your Kids Birthday PartyCollect five to ten soft drink bottles cover them with colorful tape or paint them. Place the bottles at one end of the room, either in a group or in a line, mark a start line have 3 soft balls for the players to bowl towards the bottles. The player with the most bottles down is the winner. And one of the most fun activity, you could have a face painting stall.

Planning a themed birthday party is always a good idea as children’s interests change every year or two. Each birthday party can store a memory and have uniqueness of its own. Childhood passes by really fast, make sure you make the best of it for your kids. 

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