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Fun Things To Engage Your Children In This Summer!


summer activities for kids1 Fun Things To Engage Your Children In This Summer!

During exam season, everyone is so stressed that when the end is near, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. But then the days start rolling by and suddenly going back to school does not seem like such a bad idea. So, here are some ideas that will keep your children engaged and they will have a summer they will look back on with pride.

Have a Staycation!

So what if you cannot travel outside town? There is plenty to do right at home! Plan a day of fun filed activities with you and your children. Have halwa puri, pack a picnic, jet set off to watch a movie and grab dinner, all in one day. Take pictures and document every moment and then make a scrapbook. The kids will love the idea of doing so many new and exciting things that they will not bother you for the rest of the week.

Start a Business

Way back in school, I started making jewelry to sell to my friends. I made a little extra cash on the side, plus I loved getting creative. Having a daughter in her pre-teens is an amazing time to teach her new skills and hone her talents. If she is good at decorating home accessories and making jewelry encourage her to sell her pieces. In an age of Facebook, it is not unheard of to have a business at this age. Your son can tutor a neighbor’s kid with what he is good at. This exercise is good instilling some lie-long lessons like how to budget and manage one’s own money.

Plan a Backyard Camp-Out

This idea will be a hit with kids of all ages. Set up blanket tents and flashlight campfires in the backyard. Don’t have a backyard? No problem! Your living room will do. Munch on hot dogs and make S’mores by layering crackers, chocolate bards and marshmallows. Sit around the campfire and tell ghost stories or have a few rounds of Dumb Charades. Your children and their friends will remember this party forever.

Be creative and don’t give into your kids vegging out in front of the laptop all day. Keep them engaged and let them come up with creative ways to fight boredom. 

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