Fusion Cooking- Desi Quesadilla

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Quesadillas (pronounced kaisa diya {maybe the Pakistanis and Mexicans were linked at some point}) are like a Mexican sandwich. Fajita chicken, with lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum, salsa and sour cream are filled in a tortilla (Tor-tiya) which is a Mexican roti. Tortillas are available in Pakistan but they are quiet expensive. So how can one add the desi tarka to this delicious Mexican snack? By using paratha and chicken tikka! Read on for our delicious fusion mash up of the paratha roll and quesadilla.


1. 500 gms Boneless chicken, cut in small cubes

2. 1 Shan Tikka Masala Packet

3. Oil (as required by the packet recipe) and 2 tblsps extra for frying

4. Lettuce leaves

5. Tomatoes, cut in strips

6. Capsicum, cut in strips

7. Grated cheese

8. Frozen Parathas (as many as required)

For the Salsa:

1. 1 tomato

2. 1 capsicum

3. 1 onion

4. 2 geen chilies

5. 3 tablespoons ketchup

6. 1-2 tblsps vinegar

7. 1 tsp brown sugar

For the sour cream:

1. 1 cup cream

2. 1 lemon


Marinate the chicken according to the packet directions for about an and then fry in 2 tblsps oil till done. Cook the frozen parathas and stack them in a plate next to the chicken.

Crab Quesadillas Fusion Cooking  Desi Quesadilla

Now, set up an assembly line for the remaining ingredients because you will need to work fast. Put the vegetables and cheese in small bowls next to a griddle pan. Heat the pan on the stove, keeping the flame very low. Put a paratha on the pan and sprinkle over the grated cheese. On one half, spread the chicken and vegetables and then fold over the paratha so the cheese melts both sides together. Flip the quesadilla until the cheese has melted. Repeat with the remaining parathas, chicken, cheese and vegetables. Serve, with small bowls of salsa and sour cream for dipping.

For the salsa, put all the vegetables in a processer and buzz until a chunky mixture is formed. Tip into bowl and add the ketchup, vinegar and brown sugar. Mix it up, taste check and adjust to your liking.

For the sour cream, cut the lemon, remove the seeds and squeeze over the cream. Stir until the cream curdles. 

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