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Get a hair makeover, feel great!


When ho-hum routine takes over, one craves a change. The quickest way to bring a change is to alter one’s appearance. Want an instant boost in your self esteem and feel great about yourself? You can always hit the mall and invest in a whole new wardrobe or you can visit your hair dresser to give you a hair makeover. Changing our crowning glory is one of the  easiest ways of changing our looks. Hair trends are always evolving and to dye them a new color or to get an extremely flattering hair cut bring out the daring diva in all of us. Just look at Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway whose  pixie cuts became the talk of tinsel town. A few of the following tips will help you bring a change to your look through hair makeover:

Hair health:

  1. Strive to shiny hair with lots of body. Hair should look healthy not dull and tired.
  2. Cover hair out doors to protect from sun, pollution, wind and humidity.
  3. Do not tie your bun, braid or ponytail in the same position every time as it results in hair breakage. Try altering  hair style every other day.
  4. Deep condition hair at least once in a week to lock in the moisture and keep hair strands from drying out.
  5. Falling hair should be treated by a professional who may suggest a balance diet and hair, nail and skin care supplements that contain ingredients like Omega- 3 fatty acids.

Hair Color:

kristen wiig blonde hair before after Get a hair makeover, feel great!

If you have jet black hair for the past two years, try some highlights, lowlights or a complete hair color change to a lighter shade of brown when going for hair makeup. This brings out a glowing complexion.

Altering hair styles:

2758631431 a54edbd134 Get a hair makeover, feel great!

If you have straight and fine hair, try cutting lots of layers to add up the volume and go for special shampoo that is specifically designed for layered hair. This will help you frame your face and keep your hair from falling flat at the scalp.

On the other hand, if you have curly, frizzy or corkscrew hair, then you need a lot of moisture! Buy serums and leave in conditioners that keep away the humidity from damaging your hairstyle. This will also help to lock in the moisture and your hair will not turn frizzy at the end of the day. Tying your hair into a knot or bun is not the solution to frizzy hair. Get a neat hair cut and avoid layers which will only add up the frizz and volume. Use smoothing shampoo specially designed for curly hair. Curly hair benefits from long layers that begin at the chin. Chop your hair into a “lob” long bob, because the wave in your hair will give very pretty movement to your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment because its just hair, it will grow back!


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