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Getting Involved With Kids 3 Marzia Raza Getting Involved With KidsWhile going through a well-written essay on how American family life used to be, I realized of many ways family system in our society has evolved. Many people are of the view that kids of primitive times had a wonderfully balanced life as mothers used to stay at home and look after the kids, while fathers were the breadwinners. This way, kids could get all the emotional support and care that they needed and their monetary needs were also satisfied.  However, with changing times this trend has taken a swift shift and now we can see innumerable women working and earning equal to their partner.  We should not condemn this rising trend as it is a result that increased awareness and education has produced among our women who were plunged into the quagmire of darkness and ignorance. Change should be welcomed and owned but we should not settle completely on something and must keep our minds open to better and healthier options or alternatives.

It has become our collective mindset to utilize education for monetary gains. A vast majority of students opt for subjects that may provide them a better scope of future along with financial security and benefits. As a result, several subjects pertaining to social sciences have been largely ignored by the fresh lot of learners as they are hopeless of the future of those paradigms. Education has become nothing but something that people view as a profitable investment and this mindset has produced gigantic problems such as the scarcity of intellectuals in our society and rising menace of materialistic thinking. Every second individual can be found gripped in the jaws of materialism and women are no exceptions.Getting Involved With Kids Marzia Raza1 Getting Involved With Kids

Very often, we come across phrases like, “your degree is useless if you have to sit at home and bear kids.” Yes, practical implication of knowledge is very important but when one reaches the stage of becoming a parent, a mother specially, their child becomes a very important subject who, if neglected could have a destroyed personality. A mother can profoundly utilize her knowledge and skills for proper upbringing of her child and this is no waste. The dilemma that we face is actually about where we are utilizing our skills and knowledge and where they actually should be applied. Men and women, mothers and fathers see short-term gains by working in big organizations but tend to ignore the long-term benefits that rearing a child excellently might produce. It might be because we as a nation are intolerant and impatient people who hate to wait and have lost the virtue of sacrificing. Every child is gifted and is precious. Children have an innate desire and urge to explore and learn that could be nourished if parents lend their experienced and knowledgeable brains to properly educate kids. Sadly, today our notions of quality time or family moments are very limited and parents think that by having regular hang-outs, admitting kid to a renowned school, providing him what he wishes for is their only responsibility. Most of the times, parents try to skip accountability by dedicating all their efforts for monetary stability to kids.Getting Involved With Kids 2 Marzia Raza Getting Involved With Kids

These attitudes should be condemned and parents must acknowledge their responsibility towards children. It is high time we learn that parenting requires the brain to get mature. Your child’s mind is a plain and broad canvas, don’t let the masterpiece be grim and grubby by the stains of things or mistakes that you can control and priorities that can be changed. Spending time and getting involved with the child is the most lucrative investment that one can ever make. 

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