Ghoongat – A Reminiscent of PTV’s Comedy Theatre


I have grown up watching PTV – still one of my best childhood memories is watching comedy theatre in long nights of winters with a bowl of popcorn.  The simple stage settings, skillful artists, crisp dialogues and delightful humor were a treat to watch. Everything changed with the passage of time including our comedy plays, gone are the days of light witty comedy like Aangan Terha and plays like Dugdugi and Yeh Kaisi Zindagi Hai made their ways to our television screens. By no means I’m criticizing or categorizing all comedy plays of recent times as bad but I yet have to find a person who enjoys the comedy Dugdugi, Ye Kaisi Zindagi Hai and Qudoosi Sahab Ki Bewah bring to us.

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Having said that, I must acknowledge the plays like Bulbulay and Kis Ki Aye Gi Barat series that still managed to present something better in terms of comedy for Pakistani TV audience but still these plays cannot be compared to the level of comedy that PTV presented in 80s and 90s. Ghoongat is basically an Eid Special Telefilm that was broadcasted from A Plus, directed by Mehreen Jabbar and written by Mohammad Ahmad, this telefilm is a real precious gift for everyone who appreciates witty humor. The very first few scenes of this telefilm were enough to remind me golden PTV era. Bushra Ansari, in her simple attire and quirky mood was a perfect reminiscent of PTV’s Aangan Terha, her chemistry with the male lead Muhammad Ahmed was beyond perfect.

Ghoongat has a simple plot and a few artists. Lead characters are Bushra Ansari, Muhammad Ahmad and Mansha Pasha. It is the story of a couple who has spent almost three decades together, Muhammad Ahmad is that grumpy husband who is keen of finding faults at everything his wife does. On the other hand, Bushra Ansari has played a nagging wife who is never happy with her husband. Mansha Pasha; their 25 years old daughter is the linking bond between two who is always trying her best to calm her parents down.

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Things turn seriously hilarious when one day Muhammad Ahmad gets extremely furious over a trivial matter and divorce his wife. Bushra Ansari, to our surprise shows no signs of grief or sorrow but gets excited to enjoy her labour-free life. At the same time, instead of leaving the house of his husband she decides to stay at the same place with an addition of a long ghoongat. It is her carefree and relaxed attitude that gives a realization to her husband that during all those years of togetherness he never provided his wife a moment of her own.

Ghoongat isn’t just a comedy play rather an issue based drama. Issues like trusting and giving space to your spouse are discussed in a way that doesn’t bore the audience. Muhammad Ahmad, as a playwright has tremendously sugarcoated all problems that a married Pakistani couple face in our society and presented them in a humorous way through this telefilm. At one side we are introduced to the problems of married life of Bushra Ansari and Muhammad Ahmad and on the other hand we see their daughter Mansha Pasha who avoids committing the same mistakes as her parents in her relationship with his fiancé. In spite of controlling her fiancé as her father did, she provides him a proper space and freedom in their relationship.

The 50 minutes of watching ghoongat were totally phenomenal. It is an outstanding must watch telefilm. Kudos to Mehreen Jabbar for her wonderful direction, looking forward to watch more comedy projects from her. 

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