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Green Tea Benefits

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Green tea is becoming a very popular sort of tea among people now days due to its benefits towards human health. All of us are very much aware of this one benefit of it i.e. it helps you to reduce weight. green tea leaves Green Tea BenefitsBut let me tell you guys that green tea is just not for this purpose but has many more advantages towards human health that after knowing them you will surely hook up with it. The advantages include, weight loss, preventing against heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and many more.

Green tea is an Anti Oxidant plus contains polyphenols and caffeine that increases metabolism but doesn’t affect our heart rate that makes it more beneficial towards weight loss and fat burning.

Green tea is known to be an agent that fights against many types of cancers like breast cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancers, oral cancers and many more. It induces the cancer cell death and supports towards ending tumors.

Green tea helps to lower the cholesterol in the blood vessels and also acts as a natural aspirin by preventing blood clotting which is the major cause of heart diseases. Even for people who have heart conditions, green tea helps to prevent cell deaths and makes the recovery very much easy.

Green tea regulates the sugar level in our blood vessels; it normalizes and also regularizes it. Hence people who are diabetic must use green tea more often for their better health.

People who suffer from cold and influenza more often shows that their immunity power is very much low, hence green tea also acts in boosting our immunity due to the polyphenols, vitamin C and E present in it.

comic Green Tea BenefitsGreen tea is also known to kill oral bacteria and viruses; hence they prevent bad breath, throat infections and other dental conditions.

Green tea also helps to prevent viral liver infections like hepatitis by lowering the iron levels in the liver. It is also been researched that it destroys free harmful radicals in fatty livers and prevents the failure and transplant.

Green tea also keeps your blood pressure normal; it has certain compounds which repress the angiotensin enzyme produced by the kidneys that cause hypertension.

Green tea also acts in other ways like as an anti allergy, against HIV and ENT infections and also is very best for skin care. 

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