Hair loss (Alopecia) in Women


Majority of Pakistani women share similar problems related to their emotional and physical health including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Cataract, hypertension, gall bladder stone, kidney malfunctions, thyroid disorders, hair loss, melasma, etc. As a secondary thought, we often blame hair loss in particular on the climate, environment, eating habits and culture. The blame is true, to some extent. Shedding light on the concern of hair loss in particular will unquestionably prove my point.

Hard Water and Hair Loss

Womens Hair Loss Hair loss (Alopecia) in Women

The leading cause of bad hair health in Karachi is the usage of hard water at our homes. Very few people enjoy the facility of drinkable soft water. This hard water is so full of mineral contents such as magnesium and calcium ion in a very high quantity. The buildup of these minerals on the hair shaft not only ways your hair down but also contributes to its damage. In order to avoid this there limited but tested methods of protecting hair from the mineral ion buildup and pH fluctuations.

Firstly, the most simple way is to wash your hair with the drinkable bottles water. Not many of us can afford it so what you can alternatively do is, you can have a last rinse of your hair with the soft water. This is will help in neutralizing your hair. Secondly, oil your hair before washing your hair and do not forget to condition.. I cannot press upon this enough.

Lastly, to overcome the hard water issue, install filters in your shower heads. These are a splurge but can save you big bucks. The filter will trap all the minerals, impurities, rust particles, etc. and your will have a better quality water to wash your precious locks with.

Poor Diet and Hair Loss

Fix for Sudden Hair Loss DermTV com Epi 424  Hair loss (Alopecia) in Women

Coming onto the second most important cause of hair loss in Pakistani women. Poor diet and health. Yes! Many of us will agree that our grandmothers and mothers are blessed with better hair strands than we are. Of course endless styling sessions and products are also to blame but we often forget that they had the best produce in vegetable, fruits and proteins to consume. They had the most purest forms of Ghee, organic produce and loads of milk products.

We on the other hand, are guilty of not even having a single glass of milk each day. The inadequate availability of time and opportunity is also a big reason for the nutritional deprivation in our generation. The best way is to devour on seasonal fruits. We know that we cannot ignore our sweet tooth and the fact that bakeries are our wonderland, but there has to be limit to the carbs we consume. Not only will it help our hair, but also our skin, eyes, nails, etc. Since Pakistan is blessed with the best produce of seasonal fruits, we are lucky to live here. Let’s take advantage of this blessing.

Balanced Health

Health issues such as hormonal imbalances, infections, emotional slides, etc. can also contribute to hair loss. These are serious health concerns and should be taken care of by specialists. If you have missed your periods for more than two months, you should instantly make an appointment with your doctor. If you have observed a bacterial or fungal infection on any part of your skin or scalp, immediately consult a dermatologist. You cannot wait for the worse to happen.

And if your hair loss is contributed by your emotional imbalances, you need to fix your problems soon. talk to your family member or friend. If nothing helps consult a physician. Most doctors are therapists too. Talking to any of us will not only help you speak your heart out but also let your mind breath and eventually your health will improve. Its a chain of events going on in our body. One thing is malfunctioning, the other system is also affected.

Hazardous Hair Care

LuxuryHairProducts Hair loss (Alopecia) in Women

Wisely choose your hair products, styling products, shampoos and conditioners. There is a variety of brands available in Pakistan. Using Hazardous Hair Care Chemicals can lead to hair loss. To know your hair type you can consult a beautician at a reputable salon. This will help you choose what suits your hair. No matter how bad your hair loss is, there definitely is a cure.

You just need to value yourself and value what nature has gifted you. Taking care of your health will bring out the best in you. You will be more productive and your talents will outshine everything else. 

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