Harira – Moroccan Soup Recipe

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harira Harira   Moroccan Soup Recipe


For this tasty and healthy iftar recipe, you will need the following ingredients.

1/3 cup Flour
1/2 cup Chick peas
1/2 lb Lean lamb or beef diced
2 Large onions, chopped
1/4 ts Saffron
2 tb Paprika
1 Soup bones
1 tb Butter
2 tb Salt
1/2 ts Pepper
1/2 cup Dried broad beans
1 1/2 lb Tomatoes
1 Bunch parsley
1 Bunch fresh coriander
1 tb Butter
1/3 cup Rice
1 Lemon
1/2 cup Lentils


1) Soak overnight 1/3 cup flour in 1 cup water; 1/2 c lentils in water to cover. Brown in lightly oil deep pan lamb, onions, saffron and paprika (increase or decrease according to taste).

2) Add 6 cups of water, soup bones, butter, salt, pepper, chick peas with skins popped off and discarded, and the dried broad beans which have been washed and cleaned. Simmer, covered, for 2 hours or more.

3) 20 mins before serving, pour through a food blender into the soup pan (or blend with one cup of water) the tomatoes, parsley, coriander & the flour and water paste. Add 3 cups of water, and when it returns to boil, add the vermicelli for a perfect iftar recipe.

4) When the vermicelli is cooked, add 1 Tb butter and lemon juice (or serve a wedge of lemon with each bowl to be squeezed on the soup). The soup should be smooth and slightly thick in consistency; add water or flour to thicken and adjust, if needed to prepare this healthy iftar recipe. 

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