An Unmatched Story Teller: Haseena Moin

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Pakistani drama industry has witnessed countless brilliant minds who contributed to the making of our famous classic dramas, Haseena Moin is one of the prominent names among them.

In light of all her outstanding achievements, this article will attempt to paint a picture of who Haseena Moin is even though no piece of writing can do justice in fully enumerating all the contributions of such a talented personality.


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Haseena Moin was born on the 20th of November, 1941 in Kanpur, India. However after the creation of Pakistan, she moved to Rawalpindi with her family. For a number of years, she lived in Lahore before settling in Karachi where she attended college and gained her degree.

Haseena went into the teaching field and was able to become a principal. However, her interest for writing was something she loved passionately from a very young age and that is what she is best known for.

Career as a writer

Though she regularly wrote plays for Radio Pakistan-Karachi, Haseena got her big break in the world of dramas when she was approached by PTV-Karachi and requested to write a play for Eid. That’s when she wrote “Eid Ka Jora” which went on air in 1969.

As a script-writer, Haseena has so many hit dramas to her credit. Most of the best  dramas of the 70’s and 80’s  period have been written by her. Some of the dramas that Haseena wrote include Tanhaiyyan, Dhoop Kinare, Parchaiyaan, Shehzori etc. These dramas made the entire cast famous in Pakistan and Haseena became one of the most sought after script-writers.

Even today, the dramas that Haseena wrote are remembered and loved by so many people though so much time has passed. This is because these dramas were of a very high caliber and well ahead of their time due to the effort and creativity that Haseena Moin put into creating the characters, situations and story-lines.

Haseena not only wrote the scripts of dramas but she also ventured into the world of film. For the movie industry of Pakistan, she wrote the scripts of “Yahan Say Wahan Tak” and “Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye“. She also wrote the script for a 1991 Bollywood movie known as Henna which starred Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar in a lead role.

In recent years, Haseena Moin has written a few dramas such as  Meray Dard Ko Jo Zuban Milay, Kaisa Ye Junoon and Meri Behan Maya.


In terms of achievements, Haseena Moin has achieved a lot. The first Pakistani drama based on an original script instead of a novel, “Kiran Kahani“, was written By Haseena. Also the first colored drama in Pakistan, Parchaiyaan was written by her. As the writer of  the Indian movie, Henna, she became the first Pakistani writer to have written a script for a Bollywood movie.

Haseena Moin has been bestowed with so many awards in  recognition of her work so far. Her play “Gurya” was awarded the best script and direction awards in the Global TV Plays Festival held in Tokyo.

Numerous other awards have also been conferred on Haseena Moin throughout the years but the most prestigious one was the Pride of Performance award which was given to her by the Pakistani Government in light of her hard work.

Haseena Moin has managed to make a place in the hearts of countless people who have been touched by her dramas and who continue to look up to her as the person who created masterpieces for Pakistan. 

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