Have You Watched Race 2 Yet?

The hype for the long-awaited Race 2 ended on January 25, 2013. Directed by Abbas-Mustan and a production of Tips Music Films, Race 2 won its viewers’ hearts on the first day of its screening. The movie did well in all departments. The performance of the actors deserved applause and the story kept the viewers hooked till the very end of the movie. The end of the movie was somewhat a new beginning, depicting that there are plans for a Race 3 as well.

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John Abraham is certainly the main player of the movie. He gets the job done as the con in the story and also being the eye candy of the movie. Throughout the story, John is portrayed as the brains behind every action. He also gets a chance of showing off the muscles he has worked so hard on by getting into a fight.

Saif Ali Khan, though being the protagonist, is depicted as an emotionally driven man. It seemed a disappointed till the end until we find out he’s even smarter than our con artist. Throughout the whole movie the twists and turns keep the audience hooked, not knowing what to expect next. Thanks to Saif for that.

Deepika Padukone was certainly the better among all actresses. She proved it yet again that she knows what she gets herself into when she signs up for a movie. She played her part well by not letting us be sure whether she was the good or the bad girl till the end. She is also the smartest in the story. No, literally. She plays the sister of John Abraham.

Anil Kapoor appeared every now and then in the story as the supporting actor. His acting wasn’t exactly what you would expect from such an experienced one. Talking to his assistant or buttering up his two bosses every now and then wasn’t what you would call acting. But he got his part done to get the story completed.

Jacqueline Fernandez had no role in the story except for wooing the audience once in a while with her looks. She had three or more important enough appearances which helped the story move forward. Other than that, all she was cast for was her looks, with her voice dubbed yet again in another movie. She plays the love interest of John Abraham.

Ameesha Patel was a clear cut disappointment. She plays the stupid assistance of Anil Kapoor who asks senseless questions in every minute or two and nothing else. She had exactly no role in the movie whatsoever.

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The storyline deserves commendation. Even though the plot revolves around a robbery in the form of revenge, the twists keep everything interesting. The songs weren’t bad either. Except for a little seductive moves between the actors and the songs, there isn’t much romance or any other feelings either.

With everything good comes a little bad. The same happened in Race 2. The whole movie did great in every aspect until they decided to do some action editing. Even though Bollywood is trying its best to gain an upper hand in the editing business, they ended up doing some goofs near the end of the movie. Like a car flying out of a crashing plane with four red air balloons in every corner of it, helping the car land safely on the ground.

The editing mistakes near the end were acceptable because of the good enough storyline and even better acting. Watch the movie; you won’t regret your money over this one.

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