Healing Power of Reiki And Its Practice in Pakistan

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como aprender Reiki 300x218 Healing Power of Reiki And Its Practice in PakistanReiki is a Japanese method for stress diminution and relaxation that also improves health both physically and mentally. However, in past few years this method of relaxation and healing has gained some familiarity in Pakistan, too.

Reiki is principally based on the notion that an invisible “life force energy” flows through us and that we are more likely to feel frazzled or get sick if our “life force energy” is low. Similarly, if it’s high, we are more likely to be in the pink and happy.

Reiki not only helps you cure your physical condition but it also promotes your spiritual and mental health which relaxes your mind and soul and gives you a feeling of tranquility and security. It gives you confidence and improves your inner self.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki can be used to not only heal the physical condition but also your mental health. It helps you in many ways, such as:

  1. Improvement in overall health
  2. Improvement in self confidence and memory
  3. Stress management
  4. Sleep disorders
  5. Anxiety and depression
  6. Anti-aging
  7. Enrichment in relationships
  8. Relax you both mentally and physically
  9. Treat your animals and plants
  10. Achieving goals

And a lot more!

Reiki in Pakistan 

reiki large2 300x199 Healing Power of Reiki And Its Practice in PakistanReiki treatment in the west is becoming progressively more popular and accepted and people are becoming more and more aware of it which, as a result, is significantly benefiting them. Whereas in Pakistan this technique has yet to become popular as the people either have false impression about Reiki or they do not practice it the correct way.

Reiki healing in Pakistan is known only among a small number of people. However, there are quite a few reiki practitioners in the country who not only heal you through reiki but they also teach how to learn this technique and help yourself and people around you.

Best Reiki Centers/Practitioners in Pakistan

If you want to learn this superpower or cure your physical/mental problems then here is a list of some best reiki practitioners and centers for you to visit in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

1. Prof. Moiz Hussain

Head Office Address: F-14/II-A, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.


Karachi Tel: 021-35810071-4 , 021-35836448-9

Lahore Tel: 042-35789888-9, 042-35783060

Islamabad Tel: 0345-8221111


2. Noor Reiki Center Pakistan

Address: DHA PV II Ext(Iqra University), Karachi, Pakistan-744000

Tel: 0335-1250630, 021-35899221, 0321-2893866



3. Dr Aliya Aftab

Address: Mariam Healing Center, 112-B, Gulberg Road, Near Sherpao Bridge, Lahore, Pakistan. (54660)

Tel: 042-3575123, 042-35710452



4. M Akram Khan

Address: Askari-1, Sarfraz Rafiqi Road, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan

Tel: 0333-4681993


5. Dr Sarfaraz Hussain

Address: Basement, Khalid Plaza, Block-A, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.

Tel: 0321-5862445




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