Healthy Food Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties


Yes, yes, the title is a little groan-inducing but if we step back and evaluate how much our children snack on unhealthy food at birthday parties, it would be shocking. True, chips, candy and ice-cream are fast and easy and kids love them. But these healthy versions of classic birthday party favourites are sure to delight children. In fact, they probably wont even notice the difference!

club sandwiches Healthy Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

Club Sandwiches (make as many as required):

Mix cream cheese with grated carrots. Spread on toasted brown bread slices and layer lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. Add another slice of toasted bread. Layer K&Ns Deli Line Breast Fillet strips and top with a third slice of toasted brown bread spread with the cream cheese mixture. Cut each sandwich into four triangles and secure with party toothpicks.

vanilla curry spiced caramel popcorn 121 Healthy Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

Caramel Popcorn

Instead of chips, keep pots of popcorn around the party area so that children can nibble on them. Pop 200g popcorn kernels in a huge pot with a secure lid. Be careful when the popping starts. Heat 140g salted butter then add 140g brown sugar. Heat slowly till the sugar dissolves. Pour the caramel on the popcorn and stir to coat. Cool, then serve in small plastic cups.

Pool party lemonade 288x420 Healthy Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

Fruit Drink

Of course, the kids will need something to wash the food down with. Serve refreshing glasses of Tang and add fruit decorations to the glasses to make the drinks look fancy. Freeze Rooh Afza in ice cube trays and add to the jugs. As the cubes melt, they will tinge the drink in a pretty pink color which will fascinate the kids.

A kids’ birthday party should not stress you out. Little ones usually eat less in all the excitement so you do not have to slave in the kitchen to make sure there is enough to go around. Choose fresh ingredients and keep it simple and you’ll see a remarkable difference.


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