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Aloo Palak Healthy Foods of PakistanAaloo Palak is a vegetarian Pakistan dish and earns a top place among healthy foods of Pakistan. Aaloo “Potatoes” are a great source of vitamin-B while Palak “Spinach” contains folate, which is a Vitamin B. Aloo Palak is equally popular in urban and rural areas of Pakistan. Here is a quick recipe


Chicken Tikka Healthy Foods of Pakistan
Grilled chicken tikka may sound unhealthy but since it’s usually smoothened in paste that contains garlic and ginger, both known for their antibacterial properties. The Chicken provides iron and zinc, helping in carrying oxygen through the body and gives health to hairs and nails. Grilled chicken tikka carries low fats. Here is a quick recipe


fish curry Healthy Foods of PakistanFish Curry is a delicious and healthy dish prepared by cooking fish with the sauce. The sauce is a combination of cooked onion, garlic, garam masala, turmeric, chili, lime, coriander, tomatoes and yogurt. It is often served with boiled rice. This dish contains different vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin B-Complex, Iron and Vitamin E, found in fish, reduce risk of heart disease. Here is a quick recipe.


chapati Healthy Foods of PakistanChapati, the Pakistani bread, comes along with most meals in Pakistan. Chapati is made by wheat flour, which carries dietary fiber with low cholesterol. It helps in maintaining weight. Chapati is a flat bread cooked with no oil, in a dry pan. Therefore, it doesn’t contains any fat. Here is a quick recipe.


sajji Healthy Foods of PakistanSajji is native Balochi dish of Pakistan. It belongs to desert areas of the country but it’s popularity has ensured its availability in almost every city of the country. For Sajji, salt is used for marinating the whole lamb without adding anything else in it. After marinating, lamb is stuffed with rice and then it is roasted over coals. Here is a quick recipe.


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