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Wanting to conceive and it just happens the instant you and your partner try? Unfortunately, that is not the case with every couple.

It is not an uncommon scenario to see couples get frustrated and give up hope when evenconceive 300x300 Helpful Tips For Conception after their numerous attempts to conceive, their efforts do not bear any fruit. In Pakistan, such a situation is particularly tough for women, whose inability to conceive for any reason usually gets them labeled as infertile by the people around them.

While the exact factors for not being able to conceive can only be determined by a gynecologist, there are certain things a couple can do to improve their chances of conception. Following are some helpful tips for couples who have been trying to conceive without much success:

1. Know the best time to get pregnant:

It is important for women to monitor their menstruation cycle and be aware of when they 1795624513 dcc216adb2 m Helpful Tips For Conceptionstart ovulating. At an average, women ovulate (release egg from their ovaries) on the 14th day of their menstrual cycle, although the number of days might vary for some women. Any changes in vaginal secretions (i.e. if they start resembling raw egg whites), abdominal cramps and change in basal body temperature are the few signs of ovulation. It is also essential for men to get their sperm count test done.

2. Maintain the ideal weight:

Couples usually tend to ignore the importance of maintaining a healthy weight when they8445828833 27f15fa584 m Helpful Tips For Conception are making their attempts at conception. Research has shown a low rate of conception among couples who were found to be either overweight or underweight relative to what their ideal body weight should be. In order to increase their odds of conceiving, couples should find out what their body mass index should ideally be and try maintaining it through exercise and healthy diet.

A good way of managing a healthy diet is to create a nutrition chart comprising foods with 3231831408 8e3c19c82e m Helpful Tips For Conceptionhigh nutritional counts such as fresh fruits and vegetables. At the advice of their physicians, women can also start consuming dietary supplements in order to compensate for any deficiencies. Omitting caffeine and processed food in the conception phase and even during pregnancy are also recommended.

3. Try a different approach towards intercourse:4500847206 e370b86786 m Helpful Tips For Conception

Any position that allows maximum exposure of cervix to the male sperm is ideal when a couple is trying to conceive.. After intercourse, try resting your body with knees towards the chest for 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can raise the hip area by placing a pillow underneath. Both of these methods are known to increase the likelihood that the sperm will deposit as close to the cervix as possible, and may result in pregnancy.

You might be pregnant if you notice these signs.

4. Understand the importance of relaxation:

Do not rush yourself into the process of baby-making. Believe it or not, a stressed out 5898568315 71cbc3634a m Helpful Tips For Conceptionbody and brain cause certain hormonal changes which may affect your chances of getting pregnant. Even if you feel that you have been trying to conceive for a long time, it is necessary to let things be and relax for a while. Pushing too hard will only add to your frustration and distress.

For many couples, taking a break from their routine lives and going on vacations can also act as a helpful step towards conception.

5. Pay attention to your health and wellness:

The couple’s overall health also has a very significant role to play in increasing or decreasing their likelihood of conception. Some of the factors that can lead to a decrease 2582573972 1010cd14af m Helpful Tips For Conceptionin fertility among both men and women include poor medical history, age, obesity, stress or anxiety, excessive exercise and medication that lists infertility as a possible side-effect.

Couples should get themselves checked regularly for any ailments or disorders that affect their fertility. Sperm count in men is said to be adversely affected due to hot baths, tight clothing and placing heavy objects like laptops over the pelvic area, which is why they also need to exercise caution. Moreover, it is especially important for men to get their medical checkups done, although it is something rarely practiced in Pakistan. 

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