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Helpful Tips To Get Rid of Your Tan!


I have never been a summer person, but I know of people who absolutely love the warm days and sunny skies. Unfortunately when I think of sunny skies I think ‘Sunburn!’ By just walking from one class to another, a student can get a horrendous tan that can take from a month to half a year to remove! The worst tan of all is the farmer’s tan where the tan lines are so noticeable and the skin tone difference so big that you cannot cover them up nor wear certain outfits. The tan on my feet prevent me from wearing pretty sandals in public.

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But I have been working like crazy to remove this tan and am coming across some processes that help lighten up a tan faster than usual. Be sure to use these methods and your tan will fade. Of course before I give these tips I should give the customary precautionary warnings to those who go out in the sun.

To prevent a tan from happening, its best to keep yourself as covered as possible. Any time you are not covered, do use sunscreen. I am a rather cynical person who questions the power of sunscreen at times but I still insist that sunscreen should be your best friend. Apart from this always keep your skin hydrated from the outside and the inside. Use moisturizer on the outside and drink plenty of water for the inside. Should you be attempting to remove a tan you already have, these tips will prevent it from further darkening but keep in mind you should not be lazy with these tips nor the remedies or no good will come out of it. To remove a tan;

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Cut a lemon in half and rub the juice liberally on the tanned areas before a shower. The acid from the lemon juice may help to break down partially dead skin cells, while the texture of the lemon will serve to exfoliate. Avoid the sun for at least an hour after doing so, or you’ll just get a darker tan.

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Two other items with bleaching properties are potatoes and aloe vera. Just cut one potato in half or take aloe vera gel and rub on tanned skin.

You could bleach your skin, but remember that it is a rather harsh move and you will be causing irreversible damage to your skin. I’m sure you don’t want to lighten your skin tone at the cost of losing the smoothness of your skin and making it dull. What you can do is make homemade masks which would benefit your skin and are better than any chemical loaded product.

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One mask is of sandal, turmeric (haldi) and milk. Just make a paste of this and keep on till it dries., then wash off with water. This is great for exfoliation and is very moisturizing. Oily skin types can substitute milk with one part milk, one part water. Powder of sandalwood can be found at Saeed Ghani. They even have a sandalwood soap which is great for those who have highly sensitive skin reactions from the sun.

If you can spare the time to add a little pampering to your skin are routine, then you can apply a mixture or orange juice, lemon juice and yogurt onto your skin for fifteen minutes. It can serve as a very refreshing cleanser and will not only lighten skin tone but brighten up your face and (if you’re a fan of citrus scents) your mood!

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Just because the lethal rays of the sun have no mercy, it doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself indoors. Get the best out of life and use these tips to take care of your skin. Enjoy your summer! 

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