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Home Decor on a Limited Budget


Every woman in this world wishes to have a beautiful house. Managing a budget for home décor may seem a little out of range. But not to worry, as the dream of decorating your house can now become a reality with a limited budget too!

All you’ve got to do is apply the following tips and prepare yourself to receive a tone of compliments and cause a lot of envy =)

1. Colors

The IN colors for this winter season in Pakistan are earthy and green tones with flamboyant colors like orange and yellow. These colors add vibrancy and give a new life to any room; the coolest bit is that they blend in well with almost any other color, which gives you the liberty to experiment with your furniture and accessories. Another recommended color is traditional dark brown, which goes well with these bright colors and can be easily applied to your walls and old furniture. Replacing the worn-out paint is likely to give a new and revamped look to your house without adding too much cost. However, make sure that the colors in your theme balance out and neutralize each other’s effects.

2. Drapery

Add curtains, pillows, beddings, colorful cushions and table mats which will definitely add beauty to your home furnishing. The best thing about these items is that they can be purchased on sales or can be stitched by your local tailor (if not you!) at very nominal costs.

traditional pillows 300x270 Home Decor on a Limited Budget

3. Accessories

You don’t need to invest in expensive décor items; simple and inexpensive items like candles, wall stickers and tiles, if well selected to match with the rest of the décor, can look just as chic and classy. You could even create your own art like a self-made painting or any other wall furnishings that can brighten up any room with little to no cost. This will help you get the best results from home decor on budget.

4. Spacing

Ensure that your decoration is simple and not gaudy so that it makes your house look spacious and big. To make your rooms look their best, cut down on the number of items and move the furniture closer. Bring in fresh green plants and herbs indoors to give your house a fresh look and add flowers in a vase, placing them on the center or the side tables.

5. Cultural Touch

il 570xN.404118512 7idl 300x225 Home Decor on a Limited Budget

In Pakistan, traditional things like Arabic style kettles and Hookah’s are considered to be style icons. Therefore, you can decor your house by giving a traditional look to it instead of buying expensive sculptures or crystal decorations. Different antique pieces like handmade Persian carpets, wall clocks, tapestries, furniture items etc could also suffice and make your taste in home décor stand apart from others.

Let us know how helpful you found these home decor on budget tips and how they made your house look all the more beautiful and impressive!


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