Home Remedies for Cold, Cough and Flu


With the change in season, cold, cough and flu become common disease in almost every corner of the world. Children are the most who suffer from these diseases. You will find numerous home remedies for cold that will help you to cure early and easily.

  • ginger honey Home Remedies for Cold, Cough and FluHoney is used in many things round the year. It is present in almost every house. It’s a scientific fact that honey is a complete food. You should make a habit to have a teaspoon of honey daily, especially in winters. It helps in preventing cold and flu.
  • Take honey in a spoon, add a pinch of crushed black pepper in it, heat gently for few seconds, and eat it. You can take it 3 to 4 times daily.
  • Add a very small piece of ginger with honey in a teaspoon, heat for a few seconds and eat it.
  • Instead of having regular tea, have ginger tea as much as you can. ginger tea Home Remedies for Cold, Cough and FluPut a small piece of ginger in 4 cups of water, you can also add 2 to 3 cloves, a small piece of cinnamon, and half teaspoon of tea. Let the water boil until it remains dries off and two cups are left in the container. Now pour in mug, add milk and sugar according to your taste, and drink it.
  • Take a teaspoon of Carom Seeds (ajwain), crush them and tie in a muslin cloth. Use this for inhalation; it helps out with blocked nose.
  • Boil 1 teaspoon of Cumin Seeds (zeera) and in a glass of water. Take it off the stove after it start boiling. Drink it after it cools down. Dried ginger can also be added in the boiling water. It helps with sore throat.
  • If you have a headache due to cold, try this drink. Add one table spoon of full pepper powder and a pinch of Turmeric powder in a warm glass of milk. Drink it once everyday for at-least 3 days. It is also effective in cough with phlegm.
  • Chicken stock is known to help in relieving the pain during cold.
  • For preparing delicious soup for cold, golden fry 6 to 7 crushed cloves of garlic in one tablespoon of oil. Add 2 cups of stock (chicken, beef, or mutton) in it. Let it come to a boil. Now add two beaten egg whites in the soup and stir it slightly. Whisk two yolks with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and add it to the soup. You can add salt and pepper according to your taste. Yummy winter soup is ready.

Always remember to consult your doctor for medical advice before using home remedies for cold. These home remedies can be used to relief cold and pain besides medicines but they may not prove out to be a replacement for your medication suggested by your doctor. 

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