‘HOTAL’ to hit cinemas on 13th March


Meera’s psycho-thriller movie Hotal, in which she’s playing the lead role, is expected to hit the cinemas on 13th March.

The name of the movie is “Hotal” which seems to be taken from the word hotel but to give it a local feel the name of movie has been chosen as “Hotal”. This movie is the first of its kind to be made and released in Pakistan’s small but burgeoning movie industry.

Meera and she has shown her “true identity”, or perhaps her inner talent, during the film making process. Her unique role in Hotal is a example of a mental state of her character and her perceptions!

The film-maker Khalid Hasan Khan is very hopeful that Hotal will add much needed creativity to the flourishing cinema industry in Pakistan.

The trailer of the movie is out and have created an anxiousness in people to watch the movie. Click here to watch the trailer: http://bit.ly/1CZaG5O 

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