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How Pakistani kids spend their day!

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Pats on tiny bums and they are asked to greet Mr. Sun! Pakistani kids, Awake and with weary eyes, they have the usual question, Is it morning again? Hoping otherwise. One at a time each clumsily enters the loo still half asleep, but they know they have so much to do! After listening to mother’s final alert, they now speed up, one rubbing away shoe dirt, the second buttoning her uniform shirt, the third combing his crew cut…

All ready for school they enter the kitchenette where they sit at the table that mom has perfectly set.

Wishing they could carry a lunch of junk food and cola, but sadly the box contains half a pack of Maggie noodles and a bar of granola. While munching on the Coco Pops or another breakfast cereal, they are reminded to recheck their back sack, whether or not the notebooks, texts and diaries are properly packed.

Looking at the clock, it is half past six; and mom gives each a good-bye kiss.

Pakistani kids, dragging their heavy bags out of the school van, run towards the very punctual gate-man  Greeting good morning to the teachers around, the kids stand in attention for the assembly in the schools ground. Moving towards the classroom each one wishes, if school could be a place where they could play with toys and eat sweet dishes, but all they decide is to act nice, complete their work and listen to the teacher’s advice. One after the other the periods end and it is RECESS! The fifteen minutes the kids always love to spend.

It’s the last period as the time passes by, and each child jots down the day’s homework heaving a heavy sigh!

Reaching home they take a bath one by one, clean and tidy they are fed chicken gravy, lentils or mutton korma with some hot bun. After lunch the kids sit and revise, the Quran lessons with Qari sahib, the learned and wise. A nap after which they get busy; sharpening, erasing, cutting, pasting and trying to finish loads of homework in a jiffy. Done with this it is 8 p.m. already, with the tuition teacher, preparing themselves for quizzes, school projects and different contests they sit and study.

After all the homework is complete, the kids pack their bags checking with the next day’s timetable sheet.

There is hardly anytime for fun, but these little ones! Some play X-box, some Nintendo, a few hide and the others RUN! Dinner time! It is half past nine and they are asked to wrap up everything and everybody sits to dine.All in place and well prepared, tired and sleepy they climb into their cozy and cushioned bed, each of them hoping that the next day’s morning, is not as tiring and exhausting!

Such a contrast to how Pakistani mothers spend their day

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